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Rubber straps have long proved their dough in the world in Horology, from the entry level Casio to the top of the range Richard Mille and Patek Philippe. They are a worthy companion when lightweight suppleness and variety of colors take precedence over social norms.

In a hot and humid country like Singapore, it is quite often to experience discomfort when wearing that metal bracelet horological machine on your wrist. The clanking sound when knocking against your table and moisture built up on the case back can be an irritating irritant at times.


Rubber B, based in the USA, is the first company to design and manufacture vulcanized rubber straps which are constructed to precisely fit and compliment the quality and beauty of many Panerai and Rolex watch models.

Vulcanized rubber, manufactured by enhancing natural rubber with additives, provides superior resistance to damage and exterior environmental elements such as ozone, UV, and the harsh aggressions of an aquatic environment. And in the case of Rubber B, the use of vulcanized rubber provides supreme flexibility and durability against damage or tearing, encouraging long wearing comfort without the usual deformation or stretching from prolonged active wear.

Boasting a 100% Made in Switzerland Guarantee, the quality of RubberB is precisely the same as what we would find in the ranks of Hublot, Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin; and coupled with technological enhancements such as Block Integration, Carbon-Fiber Enforcement, VulChromatic Dual-Color and Gore Tenara Stitching, one would definitely be spoilt for choice to find a suitable rubber strap to complement their beloved timepiece for those hot and humid months of the year.


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Editorial by Steffan “CrossFit” Fung

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