Japan’s Henri Charpentier Now In Singapore

Henri Charpentier - Counter

French- inspired Japanese patisserie Henri Charpentier will be opening a 4,400sqf dessert salon in Singapore.


Henri Charpentier - Perspective Image

French chef Henri Charpentier and his signature “Crêpe Suzette”, founder, Naokuni Arita opened his first humble café in Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan in 1969. After opening its flagship store in Tokyo’s exclusive Ginza shopping district in 2003, they have over 100 shops in departmental stores throughout Japan today.


Henri Charpentier - Terrace Image

Nestled among lush greenery on the top of Dempsey Hill, Henri Charpentier takes the form of an elegant, contemporary space, exuding a sense of harmony with nature in the heart of a concrete jungle. Incorporating decorative tent-like elements into Henri Charpentier’s design, the existing structure is transformed into an interior that expresses the brand’s tradition and history. A sleek, modern finish and touches of deep pink, similar to its flagship store in Ginza, Japan completes the design.

Henri Charpentier features a Singapore-original menu, including Meringue accompanied by Homemade Sangria and five different types of Singapore-inspired Chariot Desserte (Dessert Trolley) – DOME, ROUGE, Flower Temptation, Coupe de Pêche, and Tarte Tatin – three of which will be prepared right in front of guests in an elegant flaming dessert performance. A pure delight for the senses.


DOME (S$29)
DOME (S$29)

The chocolate sphere encloses a chocolate parfait biscuit of fraise d’amande in its core, a warm and cold combo accompanied by crunchy streusel.

Dessert Performance: Liqueur is poured onto DOME, resulting in a flambéed fire that wraps up the sphere. Strawberry sauce is poured over the fiery dessert for that finishing touch.


ROUGE (S$19)
ROUGE (S$19)

The extravagant taste of berries is enhanced by toppings of raspberry sherbet and strawberry sauce, featuring a passion fruit parfait in the middle for a twist to the taste buds. A financier and crumble is hidden inside to give a surprise delightful texture in the mouth.


Flower Temptation (S$25)
Flower Temptation (S$25)

Flower Temptation features sautéed crunchy pineapple bits circled around a parfait of caramel-flavoured chocolate mousse and dark chocolate mousse, topped with a bowl of sweet and sour orange sauce flambéed during the dessert performance, representing vibrant flowers in bloom.


Henri Charpentier_New Interpretation of Tarte Tatin
Tarte Tatin (S$18)

This dessert features freshly-flavoured sautéed apple bits topped with chocolate caramel mousse accompanied by parfait.


Meringue accompanied by Homemade Sangria (S$19)
Meringue accompanied by Homemade Sangria (S$19)

The rich taste of dried fruits preserved in red wine and orange gives a fresh yet deep flavour to this dessert – a transformed impression of Sangria with fruits and vanilla.


Henri Charpentier_Coupe de Peche
Coupe de Pêche (S$21)

This gorgeous dessert gives a pleasantly cool sensation accented by chopped lime, and comprising of peach compote, homemade custard, vanilla ice cream, and a generous serving of peach sauce.

Dessert performance: The Singapore-original lime puree caramel sauce – consisting of freshly cut lime peel mixed with caramel sauce – is made right in front of diners, served fresh and warm. Diners can add fresh caramel sauce to the Coupe de Pêche to suit their tastes and enjoy a mixture of the cold and warm texture of the dessert.

Henri Charpentier officially opens its doors on 9th October 2014 and is located at 9A Dempsey Road, Singapore 247698.

Tel: 6479 5518
Henri Charpentier is open daily, from 11am to 10pm.

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