MB&F And The Legendary Starfleet Machine Desk Clock

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MB&F was founded by Maximilian Busser in 2005 and based in Geneva, Switzerland. After having been in the market for less than 10 years, MB&F had worked with many partners, including French artists/watch designer Alain Silberstein, French high-jewelry house Boucheron to create various timepieces, which they call “horological machines”. In view of these collaborations, the branding “Maximilian Busser & Friends” (MB&F) was formed.

MB&F has never failed to amaze its followers with outrageous designs that is out of this world, from the various Horological Machines No. 1 to 5, and Legacy Machine No. 1 and 2. In 2014, MB&F has created the Starfleet Machine, a desk clock that provides striking resemblance to the space station from the TV show Star Trek. This is constructed by the Swiss clockmaker L’Epee 1839, the only remaining specialized high-end clock manufacturer in Switzerland.

The hours and minutes are read off a central black dome, with hands that are curved to match its contour. A smaller, rotating dome serves as a power-reserve indicator (which is equipped with five barrels, allowing the Starfleet Machine to have a power reserve of 40 days.) The movement’s balance wheel and escapement juts forward from the center of the timepiece, and coupled with a pair of laser turrets that also serve as a retrograde seconds indicator, this timepiece looks more at home orbiting a planet than sitting on a desk.


The $35,000 MB&F Starfleet Machine is specially designed in honor of L’Epee 1839’s 175th anniversary this year, with a limited run of 175 pieces, and comes in two styles for collectors: a “dark” version finished in ruthenium and a “light” version in stainless steel.

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Story by Steffan “CrossFit” Fung

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