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If Boxing Day meant punching things, we’d box the rain clouds. Fine and sunny one minute, unkind and stormy the next. Ruining our good hair day and cutting our café hunting short. Seeking shelter at Valley Point Shopping Mall, we chanced upon a new café called Toast Inn SG.

Unlike cookie cutter cafés of dim lights and indie décors, Toast Inn SG has a cheerful and practical interior. Lining its wall are art pieces by ASEAN artists, a wall mural depicting roadside hawkers of the 1960s and upcycled furniture from old boat hulls.


Unfortunately for us, the mouth-watering local fare they serve is sold out. But we were happy to settle for rich traditional sock-brewed kopi. (Fun fact: Their roast is an exclusive custom-made blend.) They have done Singapore’s traditional culture of kopi drinking proud.
Our verdict: Toast Inn SG is a pleasant and unpretentious place to recharge while watching the world whizz by.


“Comfort food at coffee shop prices.” Toast Inn SG, Co-owner Adam Chan couldn’t have said it better.

Toast Inn SG
491 River Valley road #01-17 valley point shopping center, Singapore
Mon – Sun: 07:30–17:00
Instagram: @toastinnsg


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