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“Dear Doctor, I’ve heard about Sheep Placenta from my friends and I am wondering if it is available in Singapore. And which brand should I buy?”

Nuvit – Grande Platinum Placenta has been widely recognised as one of the most effective supplements for anti-ageing and cell rejuvenation. One can be assured of the concentration and the quality of ingredients used, as Nuvit Grande Platinum Sheep Placenta Complex is wholly researched and produced in New Zealand.


For years, the rich and famous have frequented clinics in Switzerland for anti-aging treatment with premium sheep placentas. Now, you can get it from The Knightsbridge Clinic.


“How is Nuvit  produced?”

Nuvit – Grande Platinum Placenta is produced using cell culture technology. Its functional cells are extracted using cutting-edge biotechnological techniques that maintain the viability of their growth factors. It is kept in soft gelatin capsules and extracted from cells grown in a way that is scientifically-proven to maintain their function, integrity and bioactivity.It is rich with antioxidants, and is effective in protecting cells from free-radical damage. It also contains growth factors, which rejuvenate and regenerate damaged and aged cells in our body, which revitalises our body in the process.

After sheep placental cells are grown using cell culture technology, its essence is extracted and condensed into a standard, bioactive, 600mg Nuvit – Grande Platinum Placenta encapsulated in a soft gelatin capsule.


“How do I know if it will get absorbed properly?” 

The Nuvit Grande Platinum utilises nitrogen-filled capsule technology to ensure ingredients stay active to reach the targeted parts of your body

After taking Nuvit – Grande Platinum Placenta, the soft gelatin capsule will pass through the stomach intact, as it protects the active ingredients in the capsule from being damaged by stomach acids. To ensure that the cellular elements are fully utilised, they will be released and absorbed in the small intestine to achieve anti-ageing effects.

The nitrogen present in the capsule also prevents oxidation and degradation of the contents of the capsule, making sure that the contents are delivered and absorbed in its original state despite passing through the stomach and small intestines.

“What are the effects of Nuvit Grande Platinum?”

In addition to its anti-aging benefits, the Platinum Sheep Placenta Complex MAY have the ability to :

• Reduce signs of skin aging or epidermal problems, such as fine lines, wrinkles,
pigmentation, freckles, dull skin tone, dryness, sagging, eye bags and dark eye circles.

• Help improve skin appearance and reduce acne

• Reduces menstrual pain and reduces the symptoms associated with menopause (45 to 65).

• Help to regulate menstrual period and regulate hormones.

• Help improve infertility and sterility in male and female.

• Help stimulate the regeneration of cells and tissues.

• Help wound healing and in recovery after illness.

• Help to enhance the immune system and reduces fatigue.

• Help to regulate the autonomic nervous system.

• Help to reduce symptoms of asthma, liver problems and the symptons of rhenmatoid arthritis.

“What are the main ingredients?”

Each Enteric Coated Soft gel contains :
• Ovine placenta extract (50:1) – 600mg (equiv. Ovine Placenta Fresh – 30,000mg)

• Squalene – 200mg (Obtained from the liver of deep-water sharks.
It has anti-cancer properties and strengthen the immune system.)

• Olive Oil – 200mg

• Aloe Vera P.E (200:1) – 10mg (equiv. Aloe Vera fresh 2,000mg)

• Vitamin E (d-a-tocopherol) – 1mg

• Lecithin – 25.2mg

• Silica-Colloidal Anhydrous – 15.2mg

• White bee wax – 70mg

• Soybean Oil – 238.6mg

NUVIT GRANDE PLATINUM (SHEEP PLACENTA COMPLEX) can be purchased at The Knightsbridge Clinic. Please SMS or Call +65 9730 9399 to make an appointment for enquiries and purchases.


This article is answered by Dr. Israr Wong (Expert Panel of What’s Up Doc?)

Dr Israr Wong is the Medical Director of a premium, boutique medical aesthetics clinic on the fringe of the CBD of Singapore, that is inspired by the upmarket shopping and residential Knightsbridge district in central London.

Dr Israr Wong has an astute eye for beauty and possesses advanced medical techniques of treatment, having been mentored before by pioneering doctors in aesthetic medicine from Seoul, Europe and Singapore. He has also treated multiple local celebrities in showbiz as well, helping them maintain a youthful, radiant yet natural look.


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