Air France Introduces The New Collection of Business Comfort Kits


The new, elegant and practical Business comfort kit collection revisits the neo-vintage style and features the Air France brand’s iconic accent.
With Clarins moisturizer, lip balm, and an eye mask, the Air France Business Comfort Kit contains numerous beauty products allowing customers to quickly freshen up and remain comfortable throughout their trip.

Intended as a true gift and available on board over the past few weeks, these kits are available in four colours and are designed as a collector’s item. A refined gift that customers are invited to take home with them after the trip. Don’t miss out! These collectibles are renewed every six months.

Air France is gradually equipping its Boeing 777s with new travel cabins. In Business class, the latest seat is already available on flights to New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Jakarta and Singapore. On board, everyone benefits from a genuine cocoon in the sky; the seat’s graceful curves envelope the passenger, offering the prospect of a perfect night’s sleep reposing on a horizontal bed.

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