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Meet The Metropolitant(s) – Who are the people behind the website? Revealing the people behind, and what makes them tick! Stay tuned as we reveal our contributing editors one by one!

Jason constantly seeks the ultimate meaning of life in Singapore through pursuing his interests. Ironically, he works as a Civil Servant seeking betterment for the nation’s future. He was also a previous SAF Regular so his compositions may sometimes hint of the rough and rugged experience.

His current interests lie in his lovely wife (Michelle, our Beauty Editor), travelling, luxury watches, fast cars and most definitely food. The lust for all of the above is apparent in his preferences to write about his travels (often with his better half), watch and car launches or exhibitions and food reviews. Michelle’s love for skin care has also rubbed off on him, although he chooses the Men’s ranges most of the time.

On his own free time, Jason can be found devouring information ranging from his interests, current affairs, politics, etc. Regularly, he can also be found at the gym (with the wife) lifting iron or socializing with friends over drinks, billiards or Mahjong.

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