The makers of the SKIPPY brand are launching a new multi-faceted marketing campaign in Singapore, the brand’s first in more than five years and the very first under Hormel Foods ownership.

After undergoing global positioning research for the SKIPPY brand, Hormel Foods discovered that consumers across the world believe peanut butter is one thing: simple fun. This led the company to use the beloved SKIPPY brand to spread yippee to peanut butter lovers everywhere. The simple joy of eating peanut butter will be brought to life across various brand platforms, from marketing to product innovations, and in the new multimedia advertising campaign.


The SKIPPY Yippee brand campaign features interactive social components on, an online “Fun Button” and a “Fun Factory” television ad highlighting how the fun gets into the peanut butter. Throughout the campaign, fans can use hashtag #SkippySG to share their own yippee moments and expressions on social media; the spread of yippee across the Internet will be tracked using hashtags and clicks, quantifying the increased fun that the SKIPPY brand brings to consumers.


“Peanut butter is all about sticky fingers, smiles and simple pleasures, so we really wanted to harness that fun in the ‘Fun Factory’ spot,” said Noel Haan, executive creative director at BBDO Minneapolis. “Eating SKIPPY peanut butter is a moment of magic, and the SKIPPY Yippee campaign allows fans of all ages to share that joy across platforms.”

Fans can connect with the SKIPPY brand, fun button games and ads through the SKIPPY® Peanut Butter Singapore Facebook page at

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