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Meet The Metropolitant(s) – Who are the people behind the website? Revealing the people behind, and what makes them tick! Stay tuned as we reveal our contributing editors one by one!

Aside from her day job in a Research Laboratory, Michelle constantly tries to seek out the latest trends and styles outside of her routine 9-5. Besides striving for perfection and accuracy in her work, she doubles up as our beauty editor. Penning down bonafide reviews for new skincare and makeup items that are tried and tested to ensure authenticity.

Michelle is not a picky-eater and often takes the effort to travel to different foodie places to try out different cuisine and food, often with her better half, Jason. Together, they post authentic reviews of food to make the first world problem of deciding whether to eat at a place or not for you.

Her biggest pet peeve is to drink inferior drain water aka coffee that is lukewarm when it is supposed to be HOT. The daily cuppa is as important as life itself, giving Michelle the turbo boost to start her day right. (A nicer way to say she is a coffee addict)

On any given day, Michelle would love to read magazines, scroll through 9GAG, Instagram and Facebook posts.

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