Juice Me Up Beesket – Korean DIY Juice Bar


The latest hip drink craze to venture out of the Land of K-pop is fast becoming a refreshing sensation here in Singapore.

Beesket is a fun and trendy Korean D.I.Y juice bar that provides customers with unlimited fun and freedom of expression when creating their own juices. The first outlet was launched on 9th April 2015 at Changi City Point with the second outlet opening close after at 321 Clementi Shopping Mall.


Founded by an enterprising young Korean in 2011, this novelty concept utilizes Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips in special fruit capsules to provide read-outs and prints of calorie counts and nutritional values for the juice combination in each cup. With 39 different fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from at a Beesket juice bar, there are almost 5,000 combinations of juices one can create to suit any thirst craving.

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Beesket serves up its fruit juices in four ways:
– Beesket Original – the D.I.Y. Icy, juice blend
– 100% Natural Blended Juice – pre-selected cold juice
– 100% Natural Cold Pressed Juice – pre-selected cold-pressed juice served at room temperature
– Natural Fruit Tea – a range of pre-selected hot juice

Every Beesket drink is free of additives, sugar and powdered flavoring. Instead, each mix receives a spoonful of Beesket Fruit Nectar – an all-natural fruit extract made from eight different fruits. This trademarked nectar draws out the juice’s flavor naturally and balances out acidity to produce a smooth and refreshing drink. For those who opt to have a juice completely made of vegetables, the extract helps to enrich the flavor of the combination. Noteworthy highlights at the Beesket hive include pomegranate, mulberry, broccoli, red cabbage, celery and even yam. Local fruits will soon be added to the selection as well, such as star fruit, guava, and pumpkin.

Beesket’s nutrient information is based on a Food Nutrient Guideline drawn up by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). Besides providing the calorie count and nutritional value of the juice, Beesket has a list of recommended Beesket Combinations for the different lifestyle needs such as for diets, to battle fatigue or to provide a boost of energy.

The Metropolitant team had a chance to taste a variety of Beesket juices and we highly recommended the Pinebanana from the 100% Natural Blended Juice, the Celery+Pineapple from the 100% Natural Cold Pressed Juice and the Green Grape Tea from the Natural Fruit Tea.


In July 2015, Beesket will offer a loyalty card program where customers can top-up a stored value card in denominations of $10, $20, $50 and $100. For every $50 and $100 top-up, an additional $5 and $10 credit will be added to the card respectively. These exciting Beesket store cards will be available in two different colors, pink for the ladies and gray for the men.

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Changi City Point, 5 Changi Business Park Central 1 #01-20, Singapore 486038
321 Clementi Shopping Mall, 321 Clementi, Avenue 3 #02-03, Singapore 129905
Opening hours: 10.30am – 9.30pm daily
Website: http://www.beesket.com/

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