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The Audi driving experience, a world-renowned program that allows participants to experience the strength, power, innovation and pure emotions of Audi, has kicked off by entering into the Singapore Book of Records for Singapore’s Largest Test Drive Convoy. Consisting of 24 Audi models from the new Audi A6 range and the new Audi A7 Sportback, participants test drove the cars from the Changi Exhibition Centre making their way to the Audi Centre Singapore.


From 12 to 21 June 2015, participants can experience first-hand the engineering and performance that goes into each Audi model by getting behind the wheel of Audi’s extensive range including the new Audi A6 family. Under the guidance of professional instructors, participants will enjoy thrilling exercises including:

Urban Driving: Conquer city streets with ease and take the latest navigation and handling technology for a test drive.


Acceleration: Get the ultimate adrenaline rush as a professional driver takes you on a fast acceleration, ride in a high performance Audi RS 6 Avant or Audi R8.


Slalom: Audi’s legendary control and responsiveness come alive in your hands as you push the car’s agility and acceleration in a specially designed course.


Braking: Learn how Audi’s advanced braking systems can help you deal quickly and safely with emergency situations.


Skid & Drift Control: Take Audiís state-of-the-art Quattro technology for a spin and experience what total control feels like, even under challenging road conditions.


The Audi Driving Experience will allow participants drive some of the latest models the prestigious brand has to offer. You’ll be able to test the limits of these cars in the exercises and understand what Quattro really brings to the table. Feeling it first hand is truly a cut above reading about it here.

The cars you’ll handle in the exercises include

The new Audi A6 that exudes modern comfort, latest technology and luxury.

Standaufnahme    Farbe: Daytonagrau     Verbrauchsangaben Audi A6 ultra:Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert in l/100 km: 5,9 - 4,2;CO2-Emission kombiniert in g/km: 138 - 109

The Audi A7 Sportback that outlines Audi’s sleek style, sportiness and elegance.

Audi A7 Sportback

The latest Audi TT that needs no introduction to what it stands for. Nuff said, really.

Audi TT Coup

The Audi RS6, a comfortable and functional yet mind-blowingly fast speed demon.


The Audi R8 (with the top down too) which is again a trend setter that will turn heads in your direction.


You’ll get to sit in a racing Audi RS3 and be driven by a professional speedster as well


Jason‘s Impressions at the Audi Driving Experience

The weather was perfect for driving. I believe Audi has set the standard for its competition to follow when it comes to grand scale driving experiences. From the moment of entry into the Audi Centre at Leng Kee until the program ended, your safety, comfort and objective experience is all taken care of by the meticulous and welcoming (not to mention good looking) staff. The instructors and guides were equally knowledgeable and aimed to give you that authentic Audi driving adventure.

If you’re looking to buy an AUdi, this event is for you. Why test drive on our benign roads when you can push the Audi cars to their limits (encouraged profusely by the staff as well) at the Audi Driving Experience. At least you’ll know that Audi is worth every cent paid for it.


Stef‘s Impressions at the Audi Driving Experience

The Audi Driving Experience was eye opening for me. The exercises carried out fully displayed the close man-machine interface that the Audi cars has with the driver. What especially resounded in me was the breath taking Skid and Drift in the Audi TT, exhilarating Slalom in the Audi A7 and the neck braking speeds in the Braking and Acceleration exercises. The Audi engine gives the driver a pure aural orgasm on the inside and externally, visually stimulates.

Audi is showcasing its big boys toys on a whole new level and will leave you feeling pampered and privileged with the Professionalism of the driving team. You can’t miss it!


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Story by Jason “Pectorus Maximus” Chew and Steffan “Abs” Fung

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