Xiaomi Launches Mi TV 2S And Mi Water Purifier


Xiaomi announced the launch of Mi TV 2S, a premium 48-inch 4K TV, measuring only 9.9mm at its thinnest. With a UHD display from Samsung that fully supports 4K lossless quality, and a MStar 6A928 quad-core 1.4GHz chipset, Mi TV 2S is top of the range among 4K TVs.

At an event in Beijing today, Xiaomi founder and CEO Lei Jun unveiled Mi TV 2S for an incredible price of RMB2999 (US$483), and Mi TV 2S (Theatre Edition) that comes with an independent sound system for RMB3999 (US$644). Both will go on sale on Mi.com in China starting July 28.

Mi TV 2S (Theatre Edition) includes a subwoofer and soundbar with the latest Dolby sound technology for an impressive surround sound experience.

Key specifications of Mi TV 2S include:
• MStar 6A928 chipset
– Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex A-17
– Mali-760 GPU
– MACE-Pro4 UC+ picture engine
– 4K 60 fps (H.265 10-bit hardware decoding)
– HDMI 2.0
– USB 3.0
• 8GB eMMC 5.0 flash
• 802.11ac Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth 4.0
The Mi Water Purifier RMB1299 (US$209) fits into Xiaomi’s vision of bringing innovation to everyone.
Mi Water Purifier uses reverse osmosis technology, which applies pressure through a RO membrane to separate purified water from tap water. This technology is generally used for bottled pure water filtration, desalination and medical water. Mi Water Purifier employs a four- step RO filtration – tap water goes through a quality PP cotton filter, an activated coconut carbon filter, Dow/GE reverse osmosis membranes, and another activated coconut carbon filter (for better-tasting water), before finally resulting in clean purified water.

With a 400-gallon high flow RO filter and an optimized water purification path that improves filtration efficiency, one of the biggest advantages of Mi Water Purifier is its higher rate of water flow. This means that users can get purified water whenever they need it, avoiding the need to purify water in advance for storage, and cutting the risk of impurities affecting the stored water. Mi Water Purifier can purify up to 76 barrels of water per day.

Mi Water Purifier is also a smart device. It can be monitored via the Mi Home app, allowing users to check real-time filter effectiveness, and even reminding users to change filters, which can be purchased directly within the app.

For more information, please refer to Mi.com (China).

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