1872 Clipper Tea Co Presents Tea-Inspired Candles – The Romance of Travel


The best things in life are usually the ones you love, the places you’ve discovered and lastly, the everlasting memories created throughout your life journey.

Our team at Metropolitant loves to slow things down and reflect on life’s journeys, regardless of ups and downs. These poignant fragments truly reflect upon what life is truly about. While busy urbanites like us take some time to unwind, a delightful way of doing so is taking the time to sip, smell a favourite tea as so, to be in tune with one’s senses. 1872 Clipper Tea Co has lovingly created with tea-based scented candles to enjoy. Tea-based notes such as chamomile, bergamot and passion fruit paired with black and green tea – each combination of tea candles evokes a different romantic story for everyone to enjoy.

The Romance of Travel collection is a romantic blend of three different tea-scented candles which was inspired by different cities – Singapore, Paris and London. We all know that Paris is the city of love and 1872 Clipper Tea Co highlights Singapore too, as a reflection of our love and loyalty to a nation we truly celebrate.


Singapore Sunrise

The base-note of this candle is green tea with hints of an exotic blend of passion fruit and mango, which represents the vibrant pulsating metropolitan city of Singapore. This scent reminds us of the greatest adventure in life – looking forward to a brighter and better future of Singapore.


Love in Paris

As the name states, Paris is a city known for its lovely romantic streets at night and where the greatest love stories were spun. This candle is a sultry blend of roses and chamomile, a scent that definitely reminded me of my wedding photoshoots around the city of Paris. In addition, the subtle hint of chamomile relaxes both the mind and the body to ease away tensions of the day.


London Carousel

Sweet, classy and very British, London Carousel contains a combination of caramel & cream, black tea and bergamot. The black tea base of this candle evokes a slightly smoky, exotic note which complements the bergamot very well. The spicy floral scent of bergamot is unanimously associated with one of the most famous teas ever made – Earl Grey tea. It is also a noteworthy mention that 1872 Clipper Tea’s best selling tea is the Timeless Earl Grey too!

This tea candle scent is sold at $60 for three 30g, packed in a lovingly designed suitcase box.The candles are also available separately at $23 each.


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Robinsons The Heeren, Basement 1
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