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This week, we speak to Ethen Ong. The man behind Positive Intentions. PI is a social enterprise, training and development agency that organises the following activities – Leadership Training, Personal Development, Service Learning Programmes and Special Projects. The purpose is to help people realise their fullest potential by helping them take positive actions to live powerful lives through their signature “PowerUp” programmes.

This is a very niche area of business to go into. How did you decide to be an entrepreneur in this industry?

As cliché as it might sound, but I believe I am answering to my calling. Firstly, I had my fair share of struggles and challenges during my youth. Life was filled with negatively and doubts. There was not much assistance and support back then for me to turn to. Hence, I thought of taking this opportunity to start a company to reach out to as many people out there (especially youth) to help them see life positively and realize their fullest potential. Secondly, I believe I have this ability to connect with people easily. I hope this natural connection can help me to reach out to more people out there to live life positively.

Did you gain acceptance at the very start of the social enterprise? Did you face any setbacks?

It was easy to start off as the concept of Social Enterprise was still unfamiliar to many. And even if people know the concept, it was deemed more like a marketing gimmick to get more sales. People were skeptical initially but were receptive after experiencing our programme themselves and after having a better understanding of our work flow better.

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What are some of the inspirational stories/people that have come out from the company after all these year?

We are only 5 years old and were given the opportunity to be the Official Supporter for SEA Games 2015, alongside with many other big names. We were tasked to team building some 17,000 volunteers to prepare them for the event and provide them with excellent volunteering experience.

In the end, the most inspiring thing that keeps me going is my participants. I have this participant by the name of “Jackie Tan”. He is 19 years old and is currently under our mentoring. Our path crossed 3 years ago when he was selected to participate in one of our Youth Engagement Programme organized by the Singapore Police Force. This is a programme for wayward youth who requires additional guidance and support. It wasn’t an easy mentoring him but over time, we witnessed significant changes in him. He is currently helping me to engage other wayward youth by sharing his stories and his changing journey.


What is your view on the future direction of the business (eg. venturing overseas or a new line?)

We are currently in discussion with different partners on various overseas opportunities. But at least for now, our focus is with our Home – Singapore. We want to reach out to as many people as possible and helping them to unleash their fullest potential through our programme.

We thank Ethen for taking time off to speak to us. All the best for your business and we hope to see more of you soon!

Interviewed by Jason Chew








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