Eating Sushi Off A Naked Guy’s Body In Singapore? – Nantai Mori 男体盛り

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So, I survived the naked male sushi event. I was invited to this inaugural naked male sushi event. The invite piqued my interest as it was a private dinner organized by a small group of friends. My first reaction was, “Is this even allowed?” After checking with the organizers, this is similar to hen’s night parties and it was strictly private and for close friends only.

In early 1990, the concept of nyotaimori(female naked sushi) spread abroad, and there were restaurants in the US serving up a nyotaimori special starting at US$500. At this restaurant, nude male or female models are available to be the dinner plate of your choice.  If you are eager to eat raw fish off a man, this party might be the only way for you to experience it. Alternatively, you can put slices of fish on your husband, but mine didn’t allow me to do it.

Picture for illustration purposes only

Closer to the date, I was informed the location of the dinner and was told to be on time as the program will start promptly. I arrived dressed in something comfortable, not that I was expecting any action, but I thought it would be more comfortable to sit around with. When we arrived, 15 of us were ushered into a room, and were briefed thoroughly on what we were not supposed to do.

  1. No photography
  2. No groping of model’s privates
  3. Respect the models
  4. No recording devices
  5. Tipping is welcomed

We placed the tip into the box and the 15 ladies (including me) will decide/vote for the winner. Not knowing the ‘correct’ amount to put, I dropped $50 into the tip box.

After a series of welcome drinks and the host keeping all our mobile phones away in a locker, we were led into the dining hall. A well-built hunk was lying naked on the table with only a banana leaf protecting his modesty. This kinda shocked me and most of the ladies merely stood around looking stunned. Before we can recover from our “shock”, 5 topless hunks walked out from behind and they were wearing only a bow tie and an apron.

“May I serve you some Sake?”

“Sure…” I replied sheepishly, but I couldn’t stop staring at his butt that was peeking out of the apron as he walked off. (I can feel my ovaries exploding)

After a few more drinks, we are all warmed up and the conversations flow easily. We were tasked to know the models even though they had masks on and we had to decide who wins our vote.

Just like an episode from Try Guys, we got more adventurous and wilder as the food and drinks fill our belly. After we finished eating the dinner, we were ushered to another venue to take a breather and for some of us, it was a smoke break. I had 7 cups of sake at this point of time, thanks to the mask hunk who seemed interested in what my hobby was.

This was the e-invite I got
This was the e-invite I got

After we headed back to the dinner venue, they have converted it into a dance hall with strobe lights and music! Lights were down and it felt like a private disco venue. I started to look for the topless waiters that were serving us, and I did not expect what was planned for us.

After a gust of smoke, the guys emerged behind a door and they had their mask and apron removed! *Hyperventilates* They served us a range of desserts decked in only a thong. The temperature was definitely rising and the topics ventured further into uncharted territories.

It was definitely an eye-opening experience and got me a little hot under the collar. But I did hear some ladies mumbling that the event was a little too tame and there weren’t enough “action”. Well, everyone have different threshold and it certainly was pushing my boundaries a little too much!

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*Author is a 37-year-old lady working in the financial industry. She prefers to keep her identity secret.


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