Dazzling Cafe Presents The New Lava Toast

There was much talk or I would like to put it, much hoo-haa over the Honey Toast craze which took over Singapore by storm in this June. Not sure what’s Dazzling Cafe about? You can take a peek more here. Thanks to the folks over at Dazzling Cafe, Metropolitant was delighted to showcase a new addition to their menu, the Lava Toast series. Launched in September 2015, there are three mouthwatering variations – Cheese, Chocolate and Peanut Butter ($14.90 each, up to 60 toasts served each day).

cheese lava toast

Compared to the Honey Toast series, the Lava Toast is slightly smaller and its concept is similar a lava cake. The flavour of choice oozes out upon cutting the toast open. Served atop a generous scoop of Haagen Daz ice-cream, the mix of cold and warm sensations would tantalise your taste buds.

peanut butter

Metropolitant tried the Chocolate Lava Toast and the lava toast was indeed a pretty sight. The exterior of the toast is crumbly and crispy. The chocolate filling in the lava toast was not too sweet and complemented well with the Haagen Daz ice cream, which tends to be on the sweeter side. strawberry lava toast

The Lava Toast serving is manageable for one compared to the Honey Toast which is a tad too much if you’ve had a main prior to your dessert. The ice cream served with the Lava Toast was generous and despite slicing the toast into quarters, each of them was equally served with ice cream! The service at Dazzling Cafe was excellent and very attentive to your needs, such as making sure your glass was constantly topped up with water and utensils were changed after each dish. Thumbs up to the team at Dazzling Cafe!

I would recommend coming here on weekday afternoons and/or evenings as the crowd is more manageable. We heard that there might be a opening of a second outlet in the works, most likely towards the end of the year.

Do stay tuned for more updates!

Dazzling Cafe
15 Stamford Road,
#01-85 Capitol Piazza
Singapore 178906

Opening Hours
Monday – Sunday 12-8pm

Reviewed by Michelle Tan








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