Potato Head Folk’s – Chew Bak Kwa burger

Chew Bak Kwa

We were clearing a truckload of backlog emails today and we came across something that got the team excited. Potato Head Folk’s Chew Bak Kwa burger. Bak Kwa and burger, take my money. 

Potato Head Folk’s head chef Adam Penny has sourced his Bak Kwa from a 40-year-old shop just next door on Keong Saik Road. He pops next door to see Uncle Ong at Kim Hock Seng Bak Kwa to create a special Chinese New Year burger with Singapore’s well-loved heritage snack.

The Chew Bak Kwa burger is a mouth-watering all beef patty topped with grilled pineapple, smoked cheese, diced Kim Hock Seng bak kwa cooked with maple syrup to create a rich jam, and XO aioli, packed into a baked rice flour bun.

The ‘Chew Bak Kwa’ Burger will be available from 2nd Feb – 28th Feb.


Truffle Fever
Potato Head Folk has also introduced fresh Alba white truffles ($40 for 4g) and winter black truffles ($15 for 4g) to shave on top of its already intense and indulgent truffle dishes. The Three Buns twice-cooked hand-cut chips are topped with a house-made blend of four cheeses (including black truffle cheese) and black truffle paste, served with a black truffle aioli for dipping. The popular Truff Ryder Wagyu burger (topped with seared foie gras, homemade ketchup, onion jam, four artisan cheeses, den miso mayo) now features the French black truffle.

The fresh truffle is also available as an ‘upgrade’ or ‘add-on’ to any of its signature burgers and fries and will be available through the end of February (or until the very end of truffle season!).


Potato Head Folk

36 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089143
Tel: +65 6327 1939

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