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After almost 3 months of consistent treatment from New York Skin Solution, we have now arrived at the final installation of our blog post; so how much of an improvement had it been thus far?

For the benefit of those joining us for the first time, a recap on the background of New York Skin Solutions:-

New York Skin Solution started in 2004, and for the past 11 years, it has established its brand name in the skin care industry. All products used in treatments are 100% plant-based and proven to produce visible and promising results. Perfectly formulated for Asian skin, the professional range of products from New York Skin Solutions are customised to suit different skin types, even the most sensitive skin. New York Skin Solutions has also successfully remedied the skin problems of consumers in Singapore and Malaysia, with more than 98% experienced visible improvements after just ONE treatment.


Following the “3P”  approach, treatments at New York Skin Solutions are provided to solve all skin problems for both women and men effectively.

1. Professional Skin Diagnosis

•  In-depth  skin  analysis:  Understanding  your  skin  type  and  condition  through deep skin scanning, picking up skin imperfections in microscopic detail.

•  One-on-one  consultation:  Knowing  your  skin  problems  through  lifestyle  and skincare habits.

2. Personalised Treatment Process

•   Tailored   formulations   that   target   your   skin   problems   will   be   customised according to your skin needs.

•  Lifestyle  tips  and recommendations  for  skincare  regimes  at  home  to  aid  faster skin recovery and maintenance after treatment.

3. Proven Results

• Products used are made from botanical extracts which are gentle on the skin, yet highly effective.

  • Skin  diagnosis  will  be performed  after  every  session,  to  compare  the  ‘before and after’ improvements of each treatment, ensuring that there are visible results


After just 3 months of consistent treatment, according to my personalised Skin Consultant, Denise, the texture of my skin had improved tremendously, not to mention the increase in luminosity and hydration.

I’m sold!


For those who would like to try out the Complimentary New York Skin Solution’s signature facial therapy worth $300 (applicable for first-time New York Skin Solutions customer only.), do sign up at

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