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We’ve heard some of the great philosophers describe our connection to the life giving compound H20, both poetically and scientifically.

Now, creative / holistic entrepreneurs Debbie Chia and Angela Flame are here to spread a similar message in a bottle (literally), where water becomes alive – through FLASKA.

A former DJ turned healing artist, Flame has directed her focus to the field of healing, working with various methods including sound, medical intuition, chakra balancing and reiki. Chia, led by a love for music, words and healing, enjoys creating new worlds to bring benefit to others, evident in her work as a writer and DJ alongside her successful record label, Midnight Shift.

Under the name RE2, Flame and Chia were experimenting with healing modalities when their attention was brought to this programmed chic glass water bottle.

As Debbie shares, “If you really start to pay attention to any subject and decide to go deep, you will discover a literal world within a world”. With that, they fell in love with what they uncovered and decided to go full fledge in bringing FLASKA into Singapore.

“A lot of our customers are simply more aware and attuned to the energies of life and also believe in the precious qualities of water and its importance in the universe. Flaska users range from the spiritual yogi to the health conscious to the anti-plastic eco-warrior. But you don’t have to be a hippie herbalist to enjoy the benefits of Flaska, as good water is good for everyone”.


A technology that takes care of your health and the environment? Always intrigued by different styles to the art of health, I spoke to Debbie about this new journey with FLASKA.

How does Flaska increase the quality / properties of water?

The procedure uses Orgone energy, otherwise known as Ki, Prana or Qi to programme the glass. Various imprints from nature are programmed onto the glass, and then sealed with a protective cosmogram designed by a top feng shui master. It’s not really chemistry, it’s quantum alchemy. You can basically say that you are drinking in very good vibrations from nature in your water.

Why Glass?

Glass is an inert material, meaning that it does not react or absorb other substances readily, making it ideal for storing precious materials like oils, alcohol, medicine and water. Unlike plastic that leaches, glass is safer for your health and also recyclable, making it environmentally friendly.

Tell us your first experience when you drank water from your Flaska.

I was initially skeptical as the technology is not conventional. But I was able to discern a softness and slight sweetness of Flaska water. I also went to the bathroom a lot! It differs for different people.


Does the taste vary from filtered water to tap water? How about with tap water from different countries? Is the end product similar?

Yes, we’ve experimented with many different types of water and at home, my water is first filtered then Flaska treated. I’ve travelled with my Flaska to places like Sofia, Berlin and Colorado. The municipal tap water differs from city to city and this naturally affects the end taste you get. For example some places in Sofia get their tap water direct from the mountain springs! I trust my Flaska to treat my water in foreign countries and I feel safe that the water I am drinking will be good for me straight out of the tap. Though, please take caution as Flaska is not a filter so you will still need to know which countries are safe to drink the tap water from.

Whether you see this programmed glass bottle as rocket science or simply tapping into your au naturale living alter ego – this dynamic duo are spreading healthy vibes to Singapore inside and out. And we’re always going to be thirsty for that.


Flaska SG Distributors: Angela Flame (left) and Debbie Chia (right).


Editorial By Celebrity Columnist, Elizabeth Lazan

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