An Italian Feast at LaBrezza – St Regis

Chef Luca Moioli

Being a true blue Singaporean, I couldn’t manage to pronounce half the things on the menu during the tasting that night. (Beside each dishes’ header is my attempted syllable-break-down pronunciation. Have fun trying it out :D)

Thankfully awesome company and great food triumph over inaccurate pronunciation and possible blushing (due to the wine provided)

Chef Luca Moioli 2

Chef Luca Moioli
A well travelled and experienced chef with over 2 decades of experience in the industry, Chef de Cuisine hails from the small town of Sarnico, Lombardy. Since the age of 13 he embarked on culinary training and never looked back. His cooking philosophy revolves around retaining the natural flavours and essence of a dish along with that contemporary touch.

I found it nice how the chef came out to introduce himself to us and gave us a brief outline on the menu that night~ Onward to the food!!

Insalata di Mare

Insalata di Mare (Éen-sáaláataā. Déeh. Mêr)
Prawns, octotopus, scallops, mussels, clams and calamari salad zucchini, baby carrots and asparagus tips, lemon zest, capers and oregano salmoriglio. Not just a pretty dish, but also a pleasant one.

Being very meticulous to execute, each element had been given unprejudiced attention, which made this course very balanced. This brought out the freshness & sweetness of the seafood. The highlight for me was the octopus; don’t mix this up with calamari (squid)!!

Extraordinary measures had been taken to tenderize it. Slightly crisp on the outside and fall apart tender on the inside, paired together with the zesty and calm elements on plate #delizioso!

Waaahhh Factor: Waaah

Ravioli Del Plin (Rá-Vēe-O-Lēe. Dell. Plēen)
Almost forgot that pasta can taste this good in Singapore. #TeeHeeHee

Traditional Piemontese Agnolotti filled with Chicken, Pork and tender Veal was coated evenly in their natural braising sauce. Love the finishing touch of the baked Parmesan “chip”!

Waaahhh Factor: Waaah

Costoletta di Vitello

Costoletta di Vitello (Cósè-Toè-Léttà. Dēe. Vēeh-Tēh-Lò)
Weighing in at 450g, I was definitely looking forward to the medium-well breaded veal chop. Unfortunately, I think my piece was slightly overcooked? The arugula leaves used were too strong (bitter, but not burnt) for my liking ☹

Served with buttered kipfler potatoes with rosemary & garlic (awesome wedges!!) along with sweet cherry tomatoes and shaved parmigiano reggiano which aided in balancing out this dish in between bites.

Waaahhh Factor: Waa

Zuppa Di Porcini e Pollo (Zóopāh. Dēe. Pôhr-chēe-nēe. E. Pòllò)
This puts the “fun” in fungi. Thickened exclusively with butter and cream, the Poricini mushroom base was the cornerstone of this dish. The slow roasted chicken breast provided a nice contrast of texture in between bites.

Mushrooms espuma (foam) and that slight dash of hazelnut powder gave it that warm aftertaste as it melted away on my palatte. It was like eating clouds!

Waaahhh Factor: Waaahh

Baccala in Due Maniere (Bà-Kéehlàa. In. Dúe. Mānēeriēer)
Springy oven-stewed Codfish served with braised onions and milk reduction was complemented by the slight bitterness of the grilled radicchio (atas veggie). Smooth organic polenta was almost like a dream.

Waaahhh Factor: Waaah
Siclian Cassata (Its just pronounced like that. hah!)
Being big (I can’t emphasize enough) on desserts, this was disappointing for me. Guess candied fruits and cheese based desserts are not my thing.

Ricotta Cheese and Candied Fruit Terrine, was slightly too sweet and heavy for my liking. Served with Citrus Coulis and Pistachio Gelato that had an overly strong almond aftertaste.

Waaahhh Factor: Waa


Only available exclusively @ St. Regis’s Labrezza, Ci Vediamo there!

Where Sia:
The St. Regis Singapore ·Level 2 · 29 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247911 

How to Contact Them Sia: · Phone: +65.6506.6884 · Email: 

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