SCUDERIA FERRARI Fragrances – The Fragrance iPhone Case



Ferrari Fragrances launches a one of a kind, ‘The Fragrance iPhone Case’. An innovative concept has been developed by Perfume Holding to experience your fragrance in a new way. You can now refresh your perfume every time you pick up your phone.

This patent-protected innovation is the latest accessory for your iPhone that you would not want to leave home without!

The perfect perfume solution for today’s fast-paced lifestyle. The cases are designed for iPhone 6 and 6s which comes with 25 ml of fragrance inside.


Perfume Holding teams up with Ferrari for two of its iconic fragrances: Scuderia Ferrari Black and Scuderia Ferrari Red.

These modern, elegant and intensely masculine scents are the perfect companions for innovation and performance—hallmarks of the brand for nearly a century.

Ferrari Black is an aromatic fougere that features a fruity, citrus top note, a spicy floral heart and a warm, woody base.

Ferrari Red is a woody citrus scent with a top note of bergamot and spearmint, a refreshing floral heart and a sandalwood and cedar base note.

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The fragrance iPhone Case is a smart, stylish new way to make sure you never have to go without your scent. No need to carry around a bottle – you’re sure to have your phone!



Protects your iPhone 6 or 6s from impacts, but also keeps your fragrance safe from the battery’s heat. It is two ingenious new products in one! The case comes pre-filled with 25ml of fragrance and an additional 25ml refill.

The case has been tested to ensure that the liquid will never come into contact with any part of the phone. And an airtight seal guarantees total safety. Worried about your screen? Have no fear; the spray is located at the back of the phone! Lightweight, soft-to-the-touch and incredibly easy to use. The iPhone fragrance case covers it all! 

Unlike some other citrus based scents which sometimes can be overpowering to a striking resemblance to air fresheners, the Scuderia Ferrari Black has a nice citrus top note, and coupled with the woody base, makes it an easy scent on the olfactory system.

Great for freshening up from time to time, without the hassle of carrying separate perfume bottles. The smooth texture of the cover feels comfortable to grip and refilling the perfume is a breeze with just a push and lift catch. The case is pretty light even with the phone added; however, it does take up more space in the pocket now.

Personally, we’d love to see this in larger covers for iPhone 6+, and probably more assortments with the refills would make it really interesting (and probably a good run for your money). Think of it as a dispenser for what really makes you tick – sanitizing spray for OCDs, breath fresheners, even liquid sunblock!

You can own this stylish accessory for just $63 available at these stores: Ferrari Boutique Marina Bay Sands, Robinsons The Heeren, and Takashimaya Department Store.




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