The South Bridge Combi-Lift – Better Results With Lower Down Time!

We speak to the team at South Bridge Aesthetics Clinic to share with us on their latest lifting treatment. The South Bridge Combi-Lift Traditional methods used to lift the aging face using injectable treatments included using botulinum toxin, fillers or threads. Dr Lee Yeong Seob, a renowned plastic surgeon in Korea, employs the use of all 3 lifting methods in 1 sitting to harmonize the effects of these 3 great treatments. At South Bridge Aesthetic Clinic, his methodology has been adapted for the downtime-averse Singaporean working crowd.

How is it done?

The patient’s face is first assessed for features of aging including appearance of deep lines, volume loss and saggy or loose skin. What to expect from this treatment is then discussed with the patient. Numbing cream is applied for 30 minutes and further local anaesthetic injections are administered. Diluted dysport toxin in injected strategically to the periphery of the face followed by a number of paired polydioxane (PDO) threads will be inserted using a small injection point on the cheek. The treatment ends off with an injection of filler material to correct facial volume loss.

At the end of the treatment, a soothing mask is applied to reduce any redness and to help with healing.

Who should do it?

The South Bridge Combi-Lift can be used by all men or women who have moderate features of aging but works best in ladies in their 30s to 40s.

How long does the procedure take?

Expect a total procedure time of 60-90 minutes with a further 15 minutes for documentation and for the application of a soothing mask.

What benefits will I expect from the treatment?

The appearance of laugh lines, marionette lines will be reduced. Cheek jowls will appear less heavy, and your jawline will be more defined. Heaviness in the upper eyelid will improve and eyes will appear fresher. Results may vary from individual to individual.

How long does the treatment effect last?

This non-invasive procedure can last between 9 months to a year depending on various factors e.g. age, weight loss, smoking etc. We recommend the use of nightly Calecim Multi-Action cream for patients above 30 years old to prolong the effects of this treatment.

How long is the downtime?

No downtime is expected. There may be a few small injection marks and tiny bruises that can be covered up immediately after.

If you want to know more about this treatment?
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