Explore, Play And Conquer With Zero Latency – Free Roam Multiplayer Virtual Reality

The apocalyptic world of zombie attack is upon us. Do you have what it takes to survive with just nothing but your wits, gear and your trust in your team-mates? Tomorrow Entertainment, the company that brought BOUNCE to Singapore, launches a new era of lifestyle entertainment at Suntec City with Virtual Reality (VR) social gaming at Zero Latency Singapore.

Imagine stepping into an alternative world. In a wide-open space with no obstacles, you and your team can freely explore the virtual environment together. Wireless technology equipment let you lose yourselves and move freely in the game. Battle through a series of simulations while being able to see your teammates as full- motion avatars. Stay in constant communication to strategize, call for backup and ultimately compete for the highest score.

Be the first in Singapore to experience the amazing world of Zero Latency.
Register your interest now to enjoy our launch specials before they are booked out ahead of Day 1 on Friday 24th Nov 2017 at Zero Latency Singapore’s Website. To mark the launch of Zero-Latency Singapore, tickets will be priced at S$59 per person (usual retail price at S$69 per person) and each session can accommodate up to 8 players simultaneously.

Singapore’s first Zero Latency arena will launch with three gaming worlds to choose from:

Engineerium (15 mins) – Perfect for first-timers and VR experimenters, this family-friendly fantasy alien world combines ancient floating platforms and puzzle challenges which will open your eyes to the phenomenal world of virtual reality.

Zombie Survival (15mins) – Bunker down in a fort surrounded by waves and waves of Zombies. Can you stay alive until the rescue team arrives? A medium-intensity gaming undead shooter experience that guaranteed to keep your adrenaline alive.

Singularity (30mins) – Hardcore gaming just got serious. How will you fare against killer robots and rogue drones in zero gravity? Watch out for danger in a secret military space station; your survival will depend on which of four weapon modes (scatter, beam, pulse rifle, or rail gun) you use against the enemy so choose wisely.

Each play-through is a unique experience with success measured both by a personal score and a team score. You can stay in contact with each other through Razer-integrated headphone/microphone units and OSVR HDK2 virtual reality headsets while wearing a military-grade backpack containing a high-performance Alienware PC gaming computer. For game sessions that require firepower, you’ll hold a perfectly weighted, custom-made simulated weapon in your hands.

Zero Latency’s hyper-immersive, state-of-the-art VR gaming experience in Singapore is the 14th branch on the planet following successful launches in major cities in Japan, USA, Spain and Australia. Up to eight players at a time don high-end VR headsets and military-style backpacks and enter a 360-degree interactive digital universe. Wireless technology allows each player to move around freely in the sprawling VR gaming space, as well as talk, interact and strategizes with their team-mates in real time.

Conveniently located in the heart of CBD, PMEBs in Singapore can pop in to destress in cool comfort away from Singapore’s heavy humidity, and let-off some steam in this breath-taking VR world without breaking a sweat. Zero Latency is excellent for team building so step right in and let it all out.

Visit Zero Latency Singapore’s website for booking details.


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