Lunar New Year Celebrations at The St. Regis Singapore

This Lunar New Year, Cantonese dining establishment Yan Ting presents a selection of ten luxurious dine-in menus to à la carte highlights crafted by the restaurant’s team of master chefs.

Lunar New Year À La Carte Selections

The signature Prosperity Yu Sheng with Norwegian Salmon, is perfectly complemented by pomelo, winter melon, peach, dried mandarin orange peel and yam. 

Experience a variety of nourishing soups such as Braised Superior Bird’s Nest with Lobster Brothand Double-boiled Abalone Consommé with Maca Root Served in Teapot, followed by main course delicacies such as Dry-braised Sea Cucumber with Mushrooms, “Pik Fong Tong” style Crispy Chicken, and Beef Tenderloin with Black Garlic, Tomatoes and Walnuts

Lunar New Year Set Menus

For a more luxurious reunion dining experience, opt for one of Yan Ting’s gourmet set menus from 21 January to 19 February 2019. Diners may select from five 6-course set menus priced from S$138.00++ per person, featuring delicacies such as Braised Sea Cucumber with Parma Ham and Cabbage in Golden BrothPan-seared Kurobuta Pork with Homemade Sauce, and Braised Japanese Noodles with Crab Meat.

Groups of 10 guests and above may select from a choice of set menus beginning at S$1288.00++ per table, with highlights like Braised 10-head Abalone with Prosperity Oyster and Black Moss in Oyster Sauce, and Hong Kong-style Steamed Russian Halibut Fillet.

Dine-in Set Lunch and Dinner Menus (minimum of 2 persons)
  Bountiful6-course Set Menu at S$138.00++ per person
骏业宏开  Success6-course Set Menu at S$148.00++ per person
金玉满堂  Affluent6-course Set Menu at S$168.00++ per person
大展鸿图  Prosperity 6-course Set Menu at S$228.00++ per person
禅门新岁  Vegetarian8-course Set Menu at S$118.00++ per person 

Dine-in Set Lunch and Dinner Menus for tables of 10 persons
财源广进  Abundance8-course Set Menu at S$1288.00++ per table
发财好市  Fortune8-course Set Menu at S$1688.00++ per table
恭贺新禧  Auspicious8-course Set Menu at S$2288.00++ per table
金银满屋  Lavish 8-course Set Menu at S$2888.00++ per table

一本万利   Luxurious 6-course Set Menu at S$3888.00++ per table    

Gourmet Takeaway Highlights

Celebrate festive reunions in the comfort of homes or offices with Lunar New Year goodies available at Yan Ting from 15 January to 19 February 2019.

Favourites like Yan Ting’s Crispy Suckling Pig stuffed with Glutinous RiceBraised Chicken stuffed with 10-head Abalone, and the Lunar New Year Pun Choy—a casserole pot filled with a variety of exquisite treasures such as premium abalone, dace fish, dried oysters, sea cucumbers, pork belly, roasted duck and soy sauce chicken. 

You may select from an array of tantalising takeaway treats such as the Double Happiness Glutinous Rice Cakes, which take the form of a pair of koi fish, and the Osmanthus Water Chestnut Cake with Wolfberries, along with light snacks such as Deep-fried Candied Almondsand Green Pea Crumble Cookies. For gifts certain to surprise and impress, select from one of three exquisite hampers priced at S$238.00+, S$388.00+ and S$628.00+ respectively.

Yan Ting is located on Upper Level 1 of The St. Regis Singapore.

Operating Hours:          12:00 – 2:30 pm(Lunch) 6:30 – 10:30 pm(Dinner)


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