Scott Dunn’s Ultimate Bespoke Experience: Signature Departures

Scott Dunn unveils brand new Signature Departures itineraries for 2019. Each unique new itinerary presents an inspiring travel alternative for solo adventurers, couples or groups of friends looking to embark upon an enriching journey of culture, gastronomy, history and wildlife, whilst in the company of like-minded individuals. The Signature Departures travel experiences are crafted exclusively for an intimate group, with a maximum size of 16 to allow for uncompromised and all-inclusive luxury service and hospitality.


2-14 June 2019

Characterized by bizarre and intoxicating mix of extraordinary landscapes and exotic wildlife. Wildlife enthusiasts can experience new levels of luxury by flying out with a private chartered plane for a 12-day Madagascar air safari escapade. As wonderland of endemic flora & fauna and wild creatures invites guests to delve into a curious geology – an off the beaten path adventure unlike any other. Starting at the Andasibe National Park. An expert primatologist leads a search for the emblematic species of Madagascar – the signature lemurs, in their natural habit. The journey continues to the town of Morondava to marvel at the kaleidoscope of the iconic and distinctively shaped trees of Madagascar, the Baobab tree, followed by the stunning weathered rock formations of the Tsingy de Bemaraha. The end of this escapade offers relaxation and luxury at the blue waters of the Mozambique Channel, at the exclusive Relais & Chateux Resort. Ending the journey with a walking safari, guests will be lead to the untouched Anjajavy fishing village to experience the warm hospitability of local folks. Wild animal sightings, unique privileged aerial view and private guided excursions are all a part of this exclusive, once- in-a-lifetime experience.

Georgia and Armenia

30 May – 7 June 2019

Vastly undiscovered, Georgia and Armenia are two of the few places left on earth that remain widely unexplored. Located in the heart of Central Asia, the Scott Dunn trip offers a taste of old world Eastern European charm that is steeped in thousands of years of history and a rich music, art, and dance culture. The nine-day itinerary takes in breath-taking landscapes, isolated rural communities, and hearty, delicious cuisines influenced by the Mediterranean and the Middle East. A fascinating education into the distinctive heritage of Georgia and Armenia, guests will explore many of the regions at a leisurely pace by foot, absorbing their quintessential character and charm, paired with private museum lectures from historians at the Stalin Museum, Georgian National Art Museum and Armenian History Museum.

Applying Scott Dunn’s highly personalised approach, each individual’s interests are considered throughout the journey, with optional additional experiences including a hiking tour in the picturesque Garni Canyon and an Armenian Lavash-making ceremony. With virtually no other tourist in sight, the region is entirely unspoiled and the trip introduces a completely authentic immersion into unique cultures.

Papua New Guinea

28 Sept – 07 Oct 2019

Sitting amongst the South Pacific islands of Oceania, this off-the-beaten path itinerary uncovers the wonders of Papua New Guinea. The unspoiled Kawari lowland forests and remote jungle waterways of Karawari are then explored after a very exclusive, private charter flight. Guests will encounter traditional local village life, whilst incredible views of locals cruising down the Sepik Basin waterways in traditional sailing dugout canoes offer a truly unforgettable moment. The trip continues with a quick chartered transfer to the largest lake at Papua New Guinea – Lake Murray, for a bird-watching tour and the opportunity to spot rare paradise species. While in Lake Murray, guests will experience traditional mat and grass skirt making traditions using Padana tree leaves and grasses from the grassland regions of the lake. The final stop is at the picturesque Mt Hagen, where travellers can wind down in cool spring weather and enjoy magnificent 180-degree views of the Hagen Range, Mount Giluwe, the Sepik Divide, the Baiyer Gap and the Wahgi Valley.

Slovenia Hiking with Istria White Truffle

2-10 October 2019

The ultimate trip for lovers of adventure and all things gourmet – this fully escorted hike and culinary excursion of Slovenia and Istria offers a stunning immersion into the Mediterranean peninsula on the Adriatic Sea. The natural wonders of the snow-capped peaks of the Alps, karstic lakes and Postojna caves on the enchanting Solvenia Trail are explored with captivating walking tours of up to five hours. Gentle inclines stretch over grassypaths and trails, leading travellers to Slovenia’s large concentration of scenic hiking areas. As with all of ScottDunn’s tours – this is an epicurean adventure that uncovers the breadth and depth of Istria’s best kept secrets, from the rare white truffle, which is only found in one other area in Europe, to the finest local wine, olive and honey.

Kumano Kodo Trail

2-7 November 2019

A sacred and spiritual place for the Japanese since the prehistoric era, Japan’s UNESCO World Heritage site Kumano Kodo remains an off-the-beaten hike route for travellers. The natural landscape is a photographer’s dream, with some of the country’s most awe-inspiring sights uncovered throughout the tour – from the sacred mountain of Mt. Koya, to the rugged coastlines and once prosperous 500 year old Nonagase Cemetery. Offering deep insights into Japan’s culture, the trail incorporates many aspects of the local lifestyle, including a fresh, seafood lunch at an Ama hut in Ise with the traditional “sea woman” – known for free diving to depths of 20 meters in order to catch the finest produce. Travellers can take a more leisurely boat cruise which takes inKumano’s three key shrines; Hayatama Taisha, Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine and Seiganto-ji Temple. Drawing on the wealth of experience and knowledge amassed by Scott Dunn, guests will be provided the support of a professional English speaking hiking guide and iconic Japanese heartfelt hospitality.

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