Celebrate The Festive Season With Authentic Korean Yangnyeom Chicken Burger And Winter-Inspired Specials – Burger+

Korean burger bistro, Burger+, celebrates its first Christmas with an extra special festive-themed menu and Party Packs to get the festivities rolling! After winning over the hearts and bellies of diners with their irresistible burgers and Korean fried chicken, Burger+ launches their very first Christmas Specials and Party Packs.

Sink your teeth into the mouth-watering Santa’s Chicky Burger ($10.90), which features co-founder and chef Lee Mihyun’s childhood favourite, sweet-spicy Yangnyeom sauce drizzled over a thick and juicy cut of chicken patty and sandwiched between two fluffy potato buns.

Burger+, brings a delicious white Christmas to you in the form of our seasonal Snowy Sunsal Chicken ($9.90)! Savour the pile of freshly grated parmesan cheese atop tender boneless chicken bites that make for a fuss-free and indulgent treat.

Besides chowing down on the all-time favourite crisp and golden fries, have a flavourful spice-kick with Tteokgangjeong ($9.80) – classic chewy Korean rice cakes drenched in the signature Yangnyeom sauce and finished with a sprinkling of fragrant sesame seeds. Since you’ve been on Santa’s nice list this year, Burger+ has a great Christmas Promotion to satisfy all your snacking needs with the Tteokgangjeong going for just $6.90 (U.P.$9.80)! Available only with every purchase of either Santa’s Chicky Burger or Snowy Sunsal Chicken.

These seasonal Christmas items will be available till 20 January 2020.

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