Butter Bean is unveiling its FIRST outlet at Funan Mall on 28 August 2020, and a second at VivoCity in September 2020.

Butter Bean seeks to redefine the traditional Nanyang coffee experience for the palate and lifestyle of the younger generation through its menu of contemporary Nanyang coffee-based beverages and inventive iterations of the quintessential daily ‘toast’. Re-interpreted well-loved Singaporean dishes, bakes and sandwiches are also freshly prepared on the premises daily – no pork or lard is used.

Located at Funan Mall, Butter Bean’s first outlet seats 45 and spots a welcoming The second outlet at Vivo City will boast a larger space for 84 and includes an alfresco patio that is perfect for a laidback breezy afternoon.

Butter Bean uses the Torrefacto method to roast its custom blend of Arabica and Robusta beans – the beans are coated with a layer of caramelised sugar before roasting. To preserve the freshness and aroma of the beans, they are ground in small batches when required, and brewed with hot water to render an intense and full-bodied concentrate, better known as Kopi-O Kosong Gao. This forms the foundation of all coffee-based beverages at Butter Bean.

Created with a contemporary barista flair, the BBrûlée Kopi Latte ($3.20) and G.M. Kopi BBliss ($3.50) showcase Butter Bean’s marriage of new and old. BBrûlée Teh Latte ($3.20) and G.M. Teh BBliss ($3.50) is the alternative for tea lovers.

The smooth and creamyBBrûlée Kopi Latte comprises three distinct layers – fresh milk, Nanyang coffee and signature salted cream foam topped with a sprinkling of sugar which is torched briefly to render treacly notes.

The stunning G.M. Kopi BBliss presents an icy and gratifying blend of coffee, home-cooked gula melaka and fresh milk capped with fresh whipped cream and a generous drizzle of more gula melaka.

Lychee Orange Tea ($3.50) is a refreshing hand-shaken tea served withfresh orange slices and lychee, while BB Rose ($3.50) is a pretty cotton candy-coloured concoction inspired by the classic Bandung – rose water, rose jelly and Butter Bean’s signature salted cream foam makes for a lighter and more sophisticated beverage.

The menu also offers a unique mix of popular local and international beverages such as Kopi, Teh, Lime Aiyu, Dino Milo, Iced Latte, and Iced Americano – all are affordably priced at $3.50 and below.

Classic toasts are reimagined at Butter Bean. Each of the eight options ($2 onwards per toast) presents a different topping on an inch-thick Butter Bean signature butter loaf. Baked fresh on the premises daily, the loaf is made with a proprietary recipe with pure New Zealand butter and Japanese flour. Each slice is ‘toasted’ on a flat iron grill to achieve a delightful crisp edge and soft and fluffy interior.

The PB & J is an unparalleled savoury-sweet choice with a generous layer of peanut butter and strawberry jam and other delectable flavours range from Flossy Chick and Milky Milo to BB’s Kaya and Butter Sugar. Say Cheese! and Omu Cheese provide more savoury choices.

At an additional $3, customers can enjoy their choice of toast as a set that includes two eggs; Traditional half-boiled or Hanjuku-style with a molten centre, and a regular cup of hot Nanyang-brewed Kopi or Teh – a top-up charge of $0.50 and $0.70 applies for large hot drinks and speciality drinks respectively.

For a satisfying meal, have a go at Butter Bean’s selection of sandwiches.

Each butter toast pocket is brimming with an omelette, sliced cheese, butterhead lettuce, as well as a choice of protein – B.F.F; Battered Fried Fish ($4.60), C.F.C; Crispy Fried Chicken ($4.60) or Basic Ham and Cheese ($4.20). A final drizzle of house-made Curry, Black Pepper, Garlic Sesame or Thousand Island dressing completes the stuffed pocket. Butter Bean recommends Thousand Island for the lightly-battered white fish fillet and honey-baked chicken ham, while Curry and Black Pepper are well-matched with Butter Bean’s Sandwiches the crispy-fried chicken chop.

For more information about Butter Bean www.butterbean.com.sg

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