Local brewery, Le Vyr (meaning yeast in French) introduces a brand-new Kombucha flavour; Herbal Remedy, $8 per bottle. The FIRST of its kind, Herbal Remedy is reminiscent of locally-known Pei Pa Gao, a dark and amber cough syrup; a household staple in Singapore. This unique Kombucha rendition offers to taste notes of loquat fruits, lifted with a touch of honey and menthol mint. The result is a refreshing beverage with a soothing effect on the throat.

The brand also carries other local-inspired Kombucha flavours such as Singapore Sling, Liang Teh, Teh O, Teh Limau, Kopi O, Milk Kefir favours like Mango Sago and Raspberry Ripple, a true reflection of Singapore’s diverse culture and heritage.

Being an avid homebrew kombucha and milk kefir consumer for the longest time, predominantly for its health benefits, I was excited when the Kombucha drinking culture finally caught in Singapore. However, the commercial Kombucha and Milk Kefirs I found on the shelves, often offered generic flavours that did not excite me. Partially inspired by our love of locally brewed artisanal cocktails and craft beers, Le Vyr was created to push our local kombucha scene to the next stage; taking an international idea and truly make it a local product.

Adele Lau, Founder of Le Vyr.

Brewed to order, in small batches, using familiar, fresh, locally sourced ingredients, these world-class quality beverages are a healthier alternative to soda, juice and sugared drinks. Le Vyr products are currently available online at www.levyrsg.com http://www.levyrsg.com, with FREE island-wide delivery on all orders above $50, otherwise, a delivery charge of $10 applies.

Made with black tea and S.C.O.B.Y (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast), Le Vyr’s Kombuchas are raw and unpasteurised; meaning each bottle contains good bacteria, similar to what occurs naturally in our intestines. Fermented up to three weeks, with the addition of ingredients like Vitamins, Amino Acids, Enzymes and Probiotics, these tarts, fizzy, slightly sweet beverage are not only delicious but also offer health-boosting benefits.

Aside from Herbal Remedy, other flavours include Singapore Sling; created 105 years ago by a migrant bartender, as an ingenious solution to circumvent public drinking social norms for women. Similar to the cocktail, this Kombucha is a refreshing tropical pink concoction, with a delicate balance of citrusy notes from pineapple and’ lime, finished with a slight spice and herbaceous aftertaste.

Le Vyr’s Kopi-O is brewed with locally roasted coffee beans. A favourite with folks who enjoy coffees and teas kosong, or with a touch of sugar, the Kopi-O is Singapore’s new morning cuppa. Inspired by the very beverage that fuels our beautiful city, this probiotic packed kombucha is an invigorating alternative to the traditional Kopi O.

Similarly, the Teh-O Ping is the perfect beverage for tea lovers, with no added sugar. This refreshing beverage lends its distinct flavour from premium black tea leaves, resulting in a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. Its subtle taste makes it a great complement to most foods.

Liang Teh, also known as Chrysanthemum Tea, is a reminiscent of the classic homebrewed drink mom makes. A floral Kombucha with an explosive bouquet of flavour, this brew is richly perfumed by incorporating chrysanthemum flower in various stages. On the palate, it is delightfully sweet, without any bitterness. Relish Le Vyr’s Liang Teh with locally made Popiah for a fun local pairing.

The last of the Kombucha line-up is a calamansi beverage, better known as Teh Limau. This citrusy rendition is infused with fresh calamansi fruit, which results in a delightfully crisp flavour with a zesty kick. The perfect supper companion, enjoy this tangy drink with a plate of locally roasted meats for a touch of acidity that cuts through the rich flavours.


Kefir is a fermented milk beverage, similar to yoghurt, packed with an abundance of nutritional benefits from Probiotics, Protein, B Vitamins, and Calcium, to maintain healthy bodily function.

A well-loved iconic Singaporean dessert, Le Vyr’s take on the Mango Sago is a fruity and creamy Kefir made with fresh mangos, locally made sago and of course, Kefir. The Mango Sago Milk Kefir is best enjoyed chilled, without ice. For a

true local experience, savour it in a ceramic bowl.

Take a trip down memory lane with the Raspberry Ripple Milk Kefir, an indulgent dessert drink to beat Singapore’s humid weather. Staying true its ice cream flavour, the beverage comes with freshly made raspberry compote that compliments the creamy kefir.

Here’s how customers can enjoy the Raspberry Ripple Milk Kefir in 4 simple steps!

  1. “Swirl” the bottle to create a ripple effect & to combine the Milk Kefir & Raspberry.
  2. Pour the Raspberry Ripple Milk Kefir out onto a cup of your choice.
  3. Garnish & Serve with white chocolate wafer biscuits. Enjoy!


Singapore Sling Kombucha (330ml)– $8.00/ea

Herbal Remedy Kombucha (330ml)– $8.00/ea

Kopi O Kombucha (330ml) –$7.50/ea

Liang Teh Kombucha (330ml) –$7.50/ea

Teh Limau Kombucha (330ml) –$7.50/ea

Teh O Kombucha (330ml) –$7.00/ea

Raspberry Ripple Milk Kefir(250ml) –$8.50/ea

Raspberry Ripple Milk Kefir (500ml) –$14.50/ea

Mango Sago Milk Kefir(250ml) –$7.50/ea

Mango Sago Milk Kefir (500ml) –$13.00/ea

5-Pack Kombucha Tasting Bundle –$35.50/ea

– 1 Kopi O Kombucha (330ml)

– 1 Liang Teh Kombucha (330ml)

– 1 Teh Limau Kombucha (330ml)

– 1 Herbal Remedy Kombucha (330ml)

– 1 Singapore Sling Kombucha (330ml)

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