50-day Dry-aged Australian Beef and Josper Oven-grilled Dishes – Barossa Bar & Grill Opens at VivoCity

Barossa Bar & Grill (Barossa) is proud to announce the launch of its new outlet at VivoCity! Offering a completely different experience from the Esplanade branch, the new VivoCity outlet shines the spotlight on dry-aged Australian beef and Josper oven-grilled lamb, poultry and seafood dishes. The Australian-inspired restaurant serves only the highest quality and carefully sourced meats from Australian farms. Relish the exquisite and intense flavours of dry-aged Australian beef

Barossa specially curates its selection of Australian beef from four renowned brands. The Bass Strait range showcases 100% grass-fed beef — the cattle are raised on natural rye grasses and clover. Wanderer’s free-range beef offerings come from cattle that roam freely in paddocks and feed on barley. Josdale is an Australian pioneer of 100% grass-fed black angus; its cattle roam the verdant pastures of Gippsland in Victoria and are antibiotic- and hormones-free.

Finally, Carrara’s array of multi-award winning wagyu is known for its superb texture and intense flavour, which are derived from first-class genetics and grain-fed for a minimum of 350-400 days. Their cattle is traced from birth to ensure biosecurity and meat safety while providing the best animal welfare.

In addition, the restaurant boasts its own dry-ageing fridge, the Dry Ager®. The bigger cuts such as porterhouse and tomahawk 1 are aged for 50 days while the smaller cuts such as tenderloin and striploin are aged around 25 days. The natural enzymes in the meat break down some of the collagen, resulting in a tenderer texture. During the dry-ageing process, the beef also loses a percentage of its total weight due to water evaporation, which causes the flavour to become more concentrated and intense.

Josper oven-grilled dishes

All the beef, chicken, lamb, pork and seafood at the new outlet are grilled in an internationally-recognised Josper charcoal oven, which enables the chef to achieve the perfect Maillard reaction – juicy and flavourful with golden-brown crust each and every time! Must-try highlights include the meaty Australia Premium 50-day Dry Aged Porterhouse 600g 2 (S$138) and buttery, caramelised Australia Full Blood Wagyu Ribeye MS7/8 300g (S$98).

Ōra King Salmon “The Wagyu of Salmon” (S$35) features the succulent, and richly flavoured New Zealand King Salmon paired with smoked Romesco, Australia Premium 50-day Dry Aged Porterhouse Yuzu Beurre Blanc with Ikura, and grilled broccolini. 600g requires a 30 mins waiting time Wrapped in parchment paper, the Locally Farmed Barramundi Fish “Papillote” (S$28) is baked with aromatic vegetables and potato, then served with sauce vierge. The flaky, moist meat is imbued with a refreshing and citrusy note. Each beef dish is served with garlic confit and a choice of sauce.

Specially concocted in-house sauces include Whisky Double Mustard and Chimichurri Sauce. Other choices include Tarragon Béarnaise, Red Wine Bordelaise Sauce, Truffle Brown Jus (additional sauce for S$4). Diners can also add Pan-fried

Foie Gras (S$18) or sides such as Black Truffle Mashed Potato (S$8), Truffle Fries with Parmesan Cheese (S$12) and Sauteéd Rosemary Field Mushroom (S$12).

At Barossa VivoCity, all dining sessions begin with the fragrant focaccia bread drizzled generously with Australian olive oil. Appetisers include Ah Hua Kelong’s Tiger Prawn (S$26) — the meaty and juicy prawns are charcoal grilled, and hence have a smoky finish. They rest atop charred kale, shio kombu garlic beurre noisette and pickled onion. A cold appetiser, the Barossa Steak Tartare (S$26) features smoked oyster aioli, ponzu jelly, pickled red onion, wasabi zuke, egg yolk and crisp bread.

Cap off the session with Jasmine Infused Smoked Fig Mochi Cake (S$18) where the chewy fig mochi cake infused in Jasmine smoke is accompanied by Jasmine white chocolate ganache and passion fruit gel. The Frozen Dark Chocolate Whiskey Souffle (S$18) is a wonderful medley of fresh berries, chocolate pearls and spiced crumble.

3-course weekday set lunches starting from $28

Barossa also offers an affordable weekday set lunch menu, with two- (S$23) or three-course (S$28) options. Kickstart lunch with appetisers such as Smoked Tomato Soup, Grilled Miso Pumpkin Salad, or Crab Rillettes (+2). Main course options include Locally Farmed Chicken Thigh with Caribbean Spices; tender and juicy meat paired with smoked Romesco sauce, Sustainable Grilled Sea Bass Fillet (+$3); a refreshing main completed with the buttery Lemon Beurre Blanc, creamy Eggplant Baba Ganoush and other sides, and finally the colourful Pasta Primavere; a delicious offering of garden vegetables, mushroom, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes. Dessert will be the all-time favourite classic with a sourish tinge, Raspberry Tiramisu. Both meat lovers and vegetarians can enjoy this weekday set lunch with a number of vegetarian options included.

Opening Promotion To celebrate its opening, Barossa VivoCity is having 50% off its second mains from 20 November to 6 December 2020.

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