Catene, which means chains in Italian, is a contemporary collection of luxurious, chain-inspired jewels that pays tribute to Pomellato’s passion for this classic jewellery staple. Drawing on Pomellato’s rich heritage of craftsmanship, Catene forges a new look for a younger, fashion-forward audience that is bold in its simplicity yet gentle in its sinuous, sweeping forms. This fresh take on a house classic, which is at the heart of the Italian jeweller’s signature style, is designed to be a daily essential with a Milanese sense of understated glamour.

Much loved for its unparalleled versatility, the arrival of Catene confirms the enduring relevance of the chain, which has a cross-cultural appeal that is unique in the world of jewels. The fluidity and strength of the chain is perfectly captured in this new generation of confident, minimalist jewels. At the heart of Catene is the house’s famous flexible ‘gourmette’ chain link, now combined with rigid elements in easy-to-wear proportions. This sophisticated interpretation of the simple link embodies the duality of female strength and is perfectly in sync with Pomellato’s commitment to female empowerment and self-determination.

Pomellato has chosen Viola a Vera Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga as ambassadors for the Catene collection. These aristocratic Venetian sisters are entrepreneurs and cosmopolitan style-icons who exude an effortless confidence, perfectly embodying the easy elegance of the Catene. As sisters in a successful business and committed to women’s empowerment, they are linked by many close bonds expressed in the strong lines of the Catene. Chic, relevant and powerful in their sisterhood, they are the face of a Pomellato’s newest generation of jewels.


The new Catene collection is composed of bracelets, rings and earrings.

The bracelets feature five gold links, which, like a real chain, are fully mobile, contrasting with the solid gold underside of the hinged bangle for a pleasing combination of textures and movement. As you would expect from a chain, the central ‘gourmette’ links of the rings are also flexible, adding to their tactile appeal. The earrings, a discreet way to wear a piece of jewellery, are imbued with Pomellato’s signature chain look. The rings, bracelets and earrings are offered in rose gold, with or without diamonds, or in white gold with diamonds.

Like all Pomellato creations, each Catene jewel is crafted by hand at the Casa Pomellato Milan atelier. The collection is made exclusively with 100% responsible gold, from certified mines that comply with international laws on the transparency and traceability of raw materials (RJC certification), or from production chains engaged in important projects for the improvement of environmental sustainability.

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