Global fashion e-retailer SHEIN arrives in Singapore with a Hot New Summer Campaign

Global fashion e-tailer, SHEIN is excited to announce that they have expanded their international footprint to Singapore and the Southeast Asian region with a new hub in Singapore. This expansion marks the success of SHEIN over the recent years who have deftly emerged as one of the big players in the fashion e-commerce industry.

SHEIN is known for its range of products for all ages, gender, and body types. From beauty items and fashion apparel to lifestyle products and homeware, there’s something for everyone. The brand’s premium label, MOTF, features elevated essentials that are well-constructed and made of higher-quality materials. Notably, the silk collection presents apparel made from 100% mulberry silk, delivering quality at an accessible price point. In addition, SHEGLAM – SHEIN’s foray into the beauty industry, provides cruelty-free makeup products with effective formulas and a variety of colors, at a price that feels as good as the products look.

SHEIN’s huge social media presence with over 80 million users allows the brand to form closer connections with the consumers, through platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok. With #SHEINgals, shoppers are encouraged to create user-generated content, to share their looks and hauls on these platforms, forming a strong community of #SHEINgals consisting of over a million active individuals who are fans of the brand.

In addition to growing its online community, SHEIN believes in supporting the fashion community with the launch of the SHEIN X program in January 2021. SHEIN X is an innovative designer incubator where the brand works closely with emerging and indie designers to take them from the inception phase to sampling, production, and distribution via the SHEIN website. With its massive reach of over 100 million customers globally, designers will receive incredible exposure with each collection launch, as well as a share in the profits from the sale of their designs. After an overwhelming response from customers and the indie designers community, while achieving much greater than expected sales for the collections, SHEIN is now continuing the program indefinitely. Starting this June, the brand will also expand the program to support and showcase up to 50 designers per month. Locally in Singapore, the first batch of Singaporean designers in the SHEIN X program will be unveiled in July 2021.

SHEIN is also committed to contributing to both the global community at large as well as local communities. SHEIN has donated over US$1.5 million to various causes and worked with different non-profit organisations. The #SHEINTogether initiative, was launched in May 2020 as a response to COVID-19 Relief efforts, featuring international celebrities like Katy Perry, Rita Ora, Hailey Bieber and more who starred in a global livestream event that raised over US$200,000 for the UN COVID Relief Fund. In September 2020, they organised a global virtual fashion show and, in partnership with Dress For Success, raised over US$150,000 to support women worldwide to reach their professional dreams.

In efforts to support sustainability, SHEIN has worked with NGOs to plant over 600,000 trees and will continue to do so. When manufacturing new products, only 50 to 100 pieces are produced to ensure that no raw materials are wasted. It is only when a particular item reflects a high demand then large-scale production is implemented to meet them. Additionally, SHEIN uses environmentally-conscious technology in its manufacturing and optimizes its supply chain to minimise waste and reduce carbon emissions.

With its large curation of products, technological expertise, and strong commitment to community, SHEIN is excited to continue expanding in Singapore and in the region. The brand has recently unveiled its SHEIN VACAYMODE campaign from now till 5 July 2021, featuring must-have pieces for the fashion-forward and budget savvy shoppers looking to have a stylish summer wardrobe. For purchases over $50 and $120, customers will be able to claim a $5 and $20 coupon respectively.

Singaporean shoppers can now shop online at or on the SHEIN app. Shoppers can get to enjoy free shipping on orders over $40 and a 30-days free returns policy.

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