Protective Face Shield By Polaroid – Best Visibility, Reliable & Comfort


Polaroid Eyewear, founded by polarized filter inventor Edwin Land, made history in 1937, taking the market by storm with its revolutionary product: the first polarized sunglasses offering the utmost eye protection from glare and UV rays.

Today, Polaroid Eyewear writes a new chapter in its history with the launch of a collection specifically designed for protection purposes.


STAY SAFE is a recommendation for each and every one of us to feel the responsibility to protect others and ourselves, especially in delicate times like these.

STAY SAFE is a way to say goodbye at the end of a – perhaps love –phone call or of a WhatsApp chat with friends who are far but close; #STAYSAFE is a hashtag used to share and convey strong feelings and emotions in this new world where we all need to feel protected and safe.


STAY SAFE is yet another testament to Polaroid Eyewear’s ability to look beyond, by giving us the opportunity to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Since it was founded in 1937, Polaroid Eyewear has never stopped looking beyond, seeing the world from its unique and colorful point of view. True to its DNA, it has always been able to offer innovative, functional and accessible solutions.

With the STAY SAFE collection, Polaroid Eyewear shows once again that people are its focus, designing and introducing two innovative and affordable products that are accessible to all and that meet our current need for protection in a timely manner and with a touch of color.

The first PPE – Professional Protection Equipment that were developed by Polaroid to offer protection and safety in health care and professional settings, but also to meet our daily need for protection.

Produced at Safilo Group’s Italian manufacturing facilities in Santa Maria di Sala (VE) and Brembate di Sopra (Bergamo), which were converted to make PPE. The new devices are UNI EN 166 certified (European PPE standards certification), and ten thousand glasses and shields have already been donated to hospitals in the hardest hit areas, in order to support health care workers at the forefront of the pandemic. Made in Italy and Made by Safilo; the first of a complete range of Polaroid Eyewear personal protection products dedicated to professionals but also to all of us, wishing to protect ourselves under the distinctive sign of the rainbow.


A visor mask to protect the eyes, nose and mouth, the first professional face shield by Polaroid designed to protect the face from external factors. Particularly suited for professional use, it is PPE certified (Safilo 1 F -EN 166 3 F CE). The visor is made from polycarbonate (PC), while the rubber band is adjustable. Adjustable for multiple sizes, suitable for adults & 10+ year old kids.

In addtion, the model will be soon available in a kid-friendly version (available for pre-order now, delivery by late June), suitable for 4-10 years old kids.

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