Les Bouchons, is well-known for classic and value-for-money Steak Frites and French cuisine amid an effortlessly relaxed and casual chic ambience that harks back to French bistros and steakhouses. This milestone year has been made even more significant with the opening of its latest west-side outpost in the serene and lush Rochester Park area on 18 March 2022.

Resplendent in full black-and-white glory, Les Bouchons at Rochester Commons (‘Les Bouchons Rochester’) is housed in a beautiful two-storey bungalow surrounded by a verdant al fresco area that showcases a pétanque court – rarely seen in Singapore – where guests are invited to immerse themselves in the French boules sport with an ice-cold pastis (an anise-based spirit) over a languid weekend afternoon.


In a charming ode to French culture, Les Bouchons at Rochester Commons celebrates the quintessential South of France pastime of pétanque and pastis – an impeccable coupling that at once transports you to a leisurely, carefree time in the summer. While engaging in a game that involves throwing metallic balls as close as possible to a small ball known as a cochonnet, participants would typically enjoy a drink or two of pastis between turns.

Pastis, an aperitif that has witnessed a revival in recent years, is a simple yet thoroughly enjoyable tipple that is best enjoyed with a splash of water, turning its initial transparency into a beguiling opaque yellow colour while emanating a distinct aniseed fragrance. Here, artisanal Pastis from which is sourced and imported directly by L’Angélus Group will be available soon from March onwards.


Working closely in tandem with Executive Chef Mickaël Cornac and helming the kitchen at Les Bouchons Rochester is Chef Nelson Chua, the former executive chef of Atout, also formerly from Au Petit Salut, as well as a Les Amis alumnus who founded .


Guests will be immediately drawn to a range of quality meats on the affordably priced Plats and À Partager sections that include a Mixed Salad and free flow of homemade French fries.

New and exclusive to Les Bouchons at Rochester Commons

Fans of foie (liver) will be delighted at these entrées – Terrine de Foie-gras “Maison” – Foie-gras Terrine served with Onion Chutney and Toast, $26; and Foie-gras Poêlé 120g – Pan-seared Foie Gras served with Onion Chutney and Toast; $27 (right), as well as the option to add pan-seared foie gras (60g at $12) to any Plats and À Partager order.

Other delicious new entrées include French Ceps Soup with Truffle Oil ($16); French Heirloom Beetroot Salad ($17) and a Sausage Platter of Lamb Merguez and Pork Truffles Sausages (2 pieces each) served with Dijon mustard ($24).

The newest stars on the Plats walk of fame include Grilled Beef Wagyu Onglet ($58); Grilled Sirloin Wagyu – Japanese Hokkaido Black Wagyu MB +6/7 ($78); Grilled Canadian Pork Chop 400g ($44); Grilled Lamb Chop with Herbes de Provence ($48); and Poulet aux 40 Gousses d’Ail – Traditional 40 Garlic Roasted Chicken ($32).

For more information, visit


https://www.lesbouchons.sg and https://www.tapas24.sg

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