akyra Manor Hotel, Chiang Mai Unveils Revitalised New Wing

akyra Manor Hotel, Chiang Mai has unveiled its new wing. The new wing adjoins the existing building comprising two connecting blocks, Manor North and Manor South, which features a grand lobby and thirty-two Deluxe Rooms.

The brand new experience begins in the stunning lobby at Manor North, a vibrant space for guests to socialise, work, relax, or spend time with friends and family. The expansive spatial treat with chameleon-like colour-changing lights across the lobby’s ceiling creates a surrealistic and sensual space – a new space that promises an unprecedented experience.

With the addition of new Deluxe Rooms, akyra Manor Hotel offers three room categories: Manor Suites and Premier Suites located at the existing building, and Deluxe Rooms located at the new wing. The 30 sqm Deluxe Rooms feature a lighter palette than the Suite Rooms, but the extensive use of the reflective materials coupled with the bold prints on the cocktail chair recall a similar sense of luxury in the Suite Rooms. Continuing the belief that bath experience should be at the forefront of stay experience, the bathroom at the end of the room is designed to bring the same luxurious bathing experience as the Suite Rooms to the guests.

Between Manor North and Manor South, a courtyard nestled in the lush greenery features lounge-style seatings, offers a green and tranquil outdoor space for guests to spend their days. It is also a perfect venue for social gatherings, cocktail events, birthday celebrations or corporate events.

The architecture of the new wing and the existing building is linked through the use of complementary colours and the deployment of similar architectural strategies. The horizontal striation on the existing building emphasises its height, while the new façade is stretched through the deployment of the vertical screens.

To enhance the guest dining experience, the Italics Restaurant housed in the existing building had recently undergone major upgrading and expansion work. The sophisticated new look and the newly launched menu promise all diners a memorable and unique dining experience.

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