MARTELL X AMOS ANANDA: The First-Ever Collaboration With Singaporean Fashion Designer

Martell announces its streetwear capsule collection designed by Amos Ananda, which was unveiled during Culture Cartel 2022 together with their new Martell Noblige bottle. Slated to launch in Q1 2023, the collection is a new line comprising 14 items, inclusive of apparel and accessories, to exemplify Martell’s bold and audacious energy with Amos Ananda’s signature luxury, and utilitarian streetwear look to channel an athletic yet sophisticated aesthetic.

Amos Ananda decked out in the new collection

“I am inspired by the audacious and electric energy that Maison Martell stands for, expressed in its core campaign, Soar Beyond the Expected. The collection is designed to elevate the everyday moments of our target audience, tapping into the multi-disciplines of life to bring perspective to the wearer. It is designed to be worn by all kinds of different people from the same community by bringing nuances of their passions and interests into style and empowering self-expression,” enthused Amos.

Martell Brand Manager Red Seo, Grace Lim, Amos Ananda and Glenn Goh

Amos Ananda’s philosophy – about refusing to live life normally – is reflected in the unique style and look of this special collection.

This collection takes inspiration from classic streetwear silhouettes and elevates streetwear with a sophisticated and luxurious look. With its bold look and style, the new line has blue camouflage prints that represent the uniform of the Martell Noblige tribe and lightning-inspired graphics in the hype art style that portray Martell’s audacious energy.

Amos Ananda sharing about his design inspiration to guests at the Martell Booth

The full collection will drop in Q1 2023, details to be announced later.  This collection previewed exclusively at Culture Cartel 2022 from 1-4 December, where Amos Ananda made a special appearance to share more about his inspiration for the collection.

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