Cycle & Carriage Citroën launches the first fully electric car — the Citroën ë-C4 today at the Singapore Motor Show 2023. Promoted with the campaign head tagline, “You’re Gonna Love the Electric Life”, this crossover SUV not only follows its predecessor, the petrol-powered C4’s attractive styling, it is a full EV with a suite of features that will meet the needs of urban car owners. 

The world is positively moving towards electric mobility, and the desire to be part of the EV action is only growing more intensely. Those seeking zero-emission driving will find the Citroën ë-C4 a fun, efficient, and accessible EV, with features that ensure comfort and safety on the roads as well as the appeal and aesthetics of a French automobile. 

Signature Ë-Comfort 

The new Citroën ë-c4 is equipped with an electric motor that is 97kW in power, with a torque of 260Nm. The added Brake mode also amplifies deceleration without needing to step on the brake pedal, while recovering energy. This feature allows quicker acceleration response than petrol-powered cars. 

The ë-C4 is noted for its virtually noise-free operation. Without an internal combustion engine, the noise and vibrations associated with conventional petrol vehicles are dramatically and discernibly reduced. The drive is smooth and quiet, with barely-there wind or road aural disturbances. 

Quick charge is also a key feature of the ë-C4, which is fitted with a 100KW DC charger. A 10-minute charge allows for a 100km range, while a 30-minute charge at 100kW provides 80% charge status, while using an 11KW AC charger lets the battery go from 0 to 100% in just five hours. 

Advanced Comfort® Program 

The Advanced Comfort® Program draws from intelligent design to provide superior comfort for both the driver and passengers. Two standouts of the program are the Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® suspension system and the complementary Advanced Comfort Seats. First in the EV market with progressive hydraulic cushions and comfort seats, the ë-C4 is a class of its own. 

Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® – With these incorporated, the ë-C4 enhances the well-being of driver and passengers, regardless of the length of the journey. The Progressive Hydraulic Cushions, a Citroën innovation, assure a high level of comfort during a drive or ride. They take the jolt out of going over potholes and speed bumps, providing a smooth journey, without the rebound effect. The impact of uneven roads is handled with palpable gentleness. 

Advanced Comfort Seats – These are designed to be welcoming at first sight and touch: visible padding and tangible softness and support. The seats in the roomy passenger compartment are crafted from high-density foam that remains in shape, averting deformation, such as lumpiness or sagging, over time. The lumbar and height adjustment of both the front and rear seats additionally provide customisable level of comfort. 

High Tech Features 

Innovative technology is part of the design culture at Citroën, and there is plenty of enticing tech in the ë-C4 too, especially when it comes to safety features: boon to the driver and assurance to the passengers, as well as vehicular and foot traffic. 

Active Safety Brake – This automatic emergency braking system reduces the risk of collisions. It is effective at speeds of 4.8km/h, with fixed or moving objects, including pedestrians. When the 

system detects the danger of collision; it responds rapidly by alerting the driver. If the driver does not or is unable to react, the system applies the brakes automatically. 

Proximity Keyless Entry and Start – This state-of-the-art system provides the ease of locking, unlocking, and starting of the car, while the key remains in your bag or pocket. The system recognises as he or she approaches the car. 

Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go Function – The Citroën ë-C4 is equipped with a camera and radar that allow the system to detect the vehicle in front. It then automatically maintains the safe distance pre-determined by the driver, by applying the brake and adjusting the accelerator until the car comes to a complete halt. The ë-C4 may also move off again even without any action on the part of the driver. 

The Citroën ë-C4 sets a new blueprint and benchmark in empowering our discerning customers to steer ahead on the road of sustainability for our future generations and certainly to fall in love with the joy, ease and benefits of the electric life!” said Dawn Pan, Director, Multi Franchise Operations of Cycle & Carriage Citroën. 

An electrified version of the successful C4; the Citroën ë-C4 is designed with the sleek style synonymous with Citroën and packed with features drivers expect from such a crossover SUV. It projects a cheerful and optimistic disposition while drawing discerning car enthusiasts with its individualistic vibe. Just as important is the user-centric overall design of the ë-C4, with safety, comfort, and ease of use as the primary draw of this easy-to-like, almost-hush-on-the-road EV charmer. 

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