Surrey Hills Deli, an all-new Melbourne-inspired sandwich joint, launches at Raffles Place

Surrey Hills Grocer will be launching an all-new F&B concept, a Melbourne-inspired sandwich shop – Surrey Hills Deli – right at Raffles Place, Singapore’s busiest Central Business District. Whether you love a sanger that is classic and simple, or prefer something wild and decadent, get ready to be spoilt for choice as Surrey Hills Deli has eight signature sandwiches that are loaded with so much goodness they will surely whet your appetite.

For the classic sandwich lovers, the Hendurance, S$18 (White sourdough layered with GGTM French poulet ham, romaine lettuce, roasted sweet potato, crispy bacon, fried Nuyolk egg, shaved parmigiano, cheddar cheese, mustard butter and drenched in Caesar dressing) and Avo-cardio, S$20 (White sourdough generously loaded with avo and smoked turkey ham, then topped with brie, alfalfa, cranberry jam, cabbage chiffonade, and a drizzle of sriracha aioli) will be right up their alley.

Energise To-ma-toes, S$16 (Ciabatta packed with marinated momotaro tomato, provolone cheese, burrata, basil pesto and laced with caramelised onion and arugula) on the other hand, will make a good choice for those who enjoy a lighter meal that still packs a nutritional punch, while Oppor-tuna-ty, S$18 (Light rye perfectly lined with tuna salad, pickled jalapeño, aged gouda, aged cheddar and charred pepper) will capture the hearts (and taste buds!) of those who desire a more flavourful kick.

Craving a decadent treat? The Truffle Up, S$22 (White sourdough stacked with black forest ham, accompanied with caramelised onion and black truffle mayo, triple cheese bechamel and pommery mustard dressings), will take you to cloud nine.

Meat lovers cannot miss out on drool-worthy picks like Let’s Pull Through, S$20 (Ciabatta stacked with 36-hours pulled pork shoulder and elevated with green mango slaw, pickle, fresh greens and mustard mayo); Spam the Positivity, S$19 (White sourdough filled with Gochujang-glazed spam, fried Nuyolk egg, aged cheddar, kimchi, caramelised onion, topped with mayo and finished with a sprinkle of nori flake); and Seize the Moo-ment, S$24 (Light rye bread assembled with house pastrami, fried Nuyolk egg, dill pickle, sauerkraut, burrata, cheddar cheese, complete with mustard mayo and burger sauce).

Priding itself in delivering a highly satisfying meal, each sandwich is paired with special in-house sauces like Avo sauce, Caesar dressing, burger sauce and black truffle mayo. The deli also serves up a wide selection of artisanal breads like ciabatta, multigrain and rustic white sourdough, to suit different preferences.

Besides sandwiches, Surrey Hills Deli also offers a variety of hearty and nutritious ‘grab- and-go’ salad bowls at its mini grocer, perfect for time-pressed people or anyone who craves a delicious wholesome meal.

Get your green fix from three satiating options – Grilled Chicken Pesto Potato salad, S$16 (Baby potato, roasted cauliflower, pine nuts, romaine lettuce, red radish, cherry tomato, blueberry and sous vide chicken breast drizzled with pesto mayo and shaved parmesan cheese), Mortadella Soba salad, S$18 (Soba paired with a mortadella ham, with boiled nuyolk egg, roasted broccoli, edamame, boiled big red beans, blueberries, cheddar cubes, cucumber shavings, cashew nut and mesclun salad coated in sesame soy dressing) and AVO and Fruits salad, S$15 (Avo mix packed with ricotta cheese, red radish, boiled chickpeas, cashew nuts, purple cabbage, mesclun salad, cherry tomato, and seasonal fruits of figs or peaches, mixed with balsamic vinaigrette).

Other items sold at the mini grocer include fresh fruit bowls, antipasto platter (a selection of cold and cured meats, cheese, olives, and assorted vegetables), loaded hummus, gourmet yoghurt parfait with granola, Australian dairy, alcohol and more.

In addition, Surrey Hills Deli is bringing back their popular Chilli Crab Pasta with a twist – indulge in the Chilli Prawn Pasta, S$24, a mouth-watering pasta generously coated with house-made chilli rempah, topped with fresh prawns, tobiko and mizuna greens.

That’s not all. Coffee aficionados can also look forward to pairing their sarnies and salads with robust and aromatic coffees that are brewed using exclusive beans from ONA coffee, a popular Australian-specialty coffee roaster, to complete their meals. For those in need of a caffeine fix, a little pick-me-up from Surrey Hills Deli is a great mood booster that will certainly make your day.

Surrey Hills Deli is located at Raffles Place (6 Battery Road, #01-02, Singapore 049909) and opens on Mondays – Sundays from 8am to 10pm.

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