The FM Singapore Nationals 2023 is set to take the stage as Singapore’s premier annual championship for physique sports. This prestigious event will showcase the nation’s top athletes in bodybuilding and fitness modelling, determining the national ranking for the year. As we celebrate a decade of providing a platform for local talent, the competition has expanded to include international open divisions, allowing foreign athletes to join the fray and share the glory.

Since its inception in 2013, FM Singapore Nationals has been the epitome of bodybuilding and fitness modelling in the country. The event is organized by Singaporeans, for Singapore athletes, and has consistently crowned the most deserving competitors with the coveted Mr Singapore titles. This year, the competition promises to be bigger and better than ever, with the most impressive lineup of local talent taking the stage.

The FM Singapore Nationals 2023 will feature a variety of categories, with the biggest names in Singapore’s men’s bodybuilding and physique vying for the overall titles. Competitors will showcase their best physiques, pushing their limits and defying expectations in the pursuit of prestigious awards.

In addition to the national categories, the event organizers have recognized the growing pool of foreign talent in Singapore. As a result, the FM Singapore Nationals 2023 will include “International Open” Divisions, offering foreign athletes the opportunity to compete alongside the best of Singapore’s local talent.

MR Singapore 2023 Danie Dharma

The overall winners of the FM Singapore Nationals 2023 will be awarded the following prestigious national titles:

  • Mr Singapore 2023
  • Mr Singapore Classic 2023
  • Mr Singapore Physique 2023
  • Mr Singapore Junior Physique 2023
  • Ms. Singapore Bikini 2023
  • Ms. Singapore Figure 2023

FM Singapore Nationals 2023 not only serves as a platform for local talent to shine but also welcomes foreign athletes to showcase their skills, making it a truly global competition.

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