What if a single flower had the power to restore the wonder of the world and bring a breath of happiness and beauty? Kenzo Parfums, driven by a love for nature and flowers, honored the poppy with the iconic FLOWER BY KENZO perfume in 2000. Today, the renowned fragrance is evolving with the release of FLOWER BY KENZO L’Absolue, an oversized and dreamlike eau de parfum that dives into the heart of the flower.

Kenzo Parfums is committed to creating a more beautiful and sustainable world, partnering with distinguished individuals who share these values. The face of their recently-launched FLOWER BY KENZO L’Absolue Eau de Parfum is floriculturist Masami Charlotte Lavault, a flower grower of Franco-Japanese heritage who is passionate about bringing flowers back to cities through local, seasonal horticulture.

In 2017, Masami launched the Plein Air Paris project in the Belleville neighborhood. On her urban farm, she oversees the entire flower cycle, from seed to bouquet. With nearly 20,000 seedlings per year, her farm now hosts over 200 flower species, carefully chosen for their beauty and fragrance.

As an eco-friendly luxury brand, Kenzo Parfums supports Masami’s project and her role as their brand ambassador. The newly launched FLOWER BY KENZO L’Absolue Eau de Parfum highlights the brand’s environmentally-conscious approach to fragrances.

Alberto Morillas, the original perfume designer for Flower By Kenzo, masterfully composed the new L’Absolue Eau de Parfum. The fragrance explores the heart of the poppy flower, with a powerful, spicy, and sophisticated facet of the poppy’s most precious pistil: Saffron. Enveloped in signature vanilla and white musk, this absolute bouquet blossoms with a new sensuality.

In line with Kenzo Parfums’ commitment to sustainability, the 100ml fragrance bottle and cap incorporate at least 15% recycled glass and 25% less plastic. The outer packaging is made of cardboard from sustainably managed FSC forests and printed with bio-based plant inks.

Experience the enchanting FLOWER BY KENZO L’Absolue Eau de Parfum, available in 30ml ($127), 50ml ($177), and 100ml ($245) bottles at Sephora stores and online. Embrace a world of beauty, sustainability, and the captivating essence of the poppy with Kenzo Parfums.

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