Experience the vibrant culture and art of Southeast Asia with Lenskart’s Cityscapes collection. This artistic collection features four cities – Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and Ho Chi Minh – and showcases each artist’s unique perspective of their home city.

Southeast Asia is a melting pot of multi-ethnic and multi-cultural communities, and amidst the different cultures, a common thread that binds the different communities together is undeniably the language of art. From the bustling metropolitan cities of Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to the charming and dynamic streets of Ho Chi Minh and Jakarta, Lenskart’s Cityscapes collection is an artistic expression of each artist’s beloved home city.

The artists have designed two exclusive artworks for each city, creating a collection that comprises four frames and two limited-edition cases. Each frame tells a story of the intricate details and hidden gems of Southeast Asia.

Jaemy C’s insect-inspired designs and Tung’s cultural motifs pay tribute to their respective cities, while Messymsxi’s Peranakan tile designs and floral eyewear case showcase Singapore’s heritage and love for nature.

In Singapore, Tan Zi Xi‘s leaf-shaped prints highlight the city-state’s natural environment, emphasizing its unique identity as a garden city. The Peranakan culture is deeply ingrained in the social fabric of Singapore, and Messymsxi pays homage to it by incorporating design elements of Peranakan tiles in the eyewear.

In Jakarta, Muchlis Fachri‘s (Muklay) symbolic eye motif reflects the city’s bustling nature. Muklay’s use of bright, vivid colors and bold, thick lines illustrate Jakarta’s captivating sunset, while the floating eyeballs on the temple tips remind us that the city never sleeps.

In Kuala Lumpur, Jaemy C‘s insect-inspired designs pay tribute to the city’s greenery and remind us that insects are fellow dwellers of the city. The white calligraphy details on the black frames reflect Jaemy C’s inner turmoil as an introvert living in a vast metropolis.

In Ho Chi Minh, Le Thanh Tung‘s neon clouds illustrated on the temples of the eyewear bring good luck, with each color representing an aspect of the city. Tung’s cultural motifs, such as the irregular lining of the pattern symbolizing the terraced rice fields, pay homage to Vietnam’s deep cultural heritage.

The limited-edition frames and cases are priced at $148 and $28, respectively.

Explore Southeast Asia’s art and culture with Lenskart’s Cityscapes collection and discover the hidden gems of these vibrant cities.

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