In a thrilling announcement for luxury travel enthusiasts, conservation-led travel company &Beyond has expanded its South American portfolio with the launch of the &Beyond Galapagos Explorer. This 38-meter expedition yacht is set to offer unparalleled experiences in the Galapagos Islands, starting June 17, 2024.

Designed for intimacy and exclusivity, the yacht accommodates just 12 guests in six elegantly appointed suites and cabins, ensuring a highly personalized experience. Two expert guides will lead guests on immersive explorations of the east and west regions of the Galapagos, showcasing the archipelago’s unique biodiversity and stunning landscapes.

Joss Kent, &Beyond’s CEO, expressed excitement about bringing responsible tourism to the Galapagos, emphasizing the importance of educating guests about conservation. The Galapagos Explorer promises an intimate connection with nature, featuring spacious indoor and outdoor guest areas, perfect for wildlife viewing and relaxation.

The yacht’s itineraries are carefully crafted to highlight the best of the Galapagos, including encounters with endemic species like the giant tortoise and marine iguana. Adventure-seekers can look forward to activities like snorkeling, hiking, and birdwatching.

&Beyond is committed to sustainability, extending its Oceans Without Borders initiative to the Galapagos and supporting local conservation and community development efforts.

For those seeking a once-in-a-lifetime journey to one of the planet’s most extraordinary destinations, the &Beyond Galapagos Explorer offers an unmatched luxury experience.

For bookings and more information, visit andbeyond.com.

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