The Conscious Festival, in collaboration with i Light Singapore, is set to make a grand return to Singapore from May 31 to June 21, 2024. This festival, dedicated to global healing and conscious leadership, will transform Marina Bay into a cosmic playground over two immersive weekends and a special event on June 21. With a focus on sustainability, wellness, and innovation, this event aims to inspire a collective consciousness towards a more sustainable future.

Festival Highlights:

The festival offers a variety of programs designed to engage and enlighten attendees:

1. Conscious Leaders Bootcamp Powered by Alibaba Cloud (31 May):

Location: NTUC Centre, One Marina Boulevard

• Details: This boot camp targets future leaders, emphasizing themes like radical collaboration, quantum leadership, and AI-driven innovation. Notable speakers include climate activist Clover Hogan, Prof. Benjamin Horton of the Earth Observatory Singapore, and AI expert Dr. Lei Xiao from Alibaba Cloud.

2. Transformative Talks (1-2 June, 8-9 June):


The Brain of Consciousness and AI (1 June): Exploring technology and human awareness with speakers like Benjamin Casteillo and Chloe Chotrani.

Fashion Beyond the Trend (2 June): In partnership with Vogue Singapore, addressing sustainable fashion practices with activists like Aditi Mayer and authors like Alec Leach.

Citizen Revolution (8 June): Discussions on global citizenship led by Dr Meri Rosich and environmentalist Qiyun Woo.

What if the Future was Regenerative? (9 June): Sessions on biomimicry and sustainable food systems with Joey Dean and Anuj Jain.

3. Wellness Workshops (1-2 June, 7-9 June, 21 June):

Details: Covering a range of wellness practices including cyclical breathing, neuromuscular training, and astrology. Highlights include Suraya Sam’s immersive breathing experience and a special World Yoga Day event on June 21.

4. The Conscious Concert (8 June):

Location: Level 11 Skygarden, South Beach Tower

Details: An evening of sound and light artistry by Joey Dean of Natural Symphony, capturing the live frequencies of plants to create an immersive musical experience.

5. Night Marketplace (31 May-2 June, 7-9 June):

Location: Lower Promenade, Marina Bay Sands

Details: A bustling marketplace featuring over 50 conscious brands. Attendees can shop for sustainable fashion, beauty products, and more while learning about eco-friendly practices

Partnership and Vision:

The Conscious Festival’s collaboration with i Light Singapore represents a significant step towards creating a more sustainable future. Sean Lee Davies, CEO of Green Is The New Black, highlights the need for collective action to embrace sustainable living. Jason Chen, Festival Director of i Light Singapore, emphasizes the festival’s role in inspiring visitors to become better stewards of the environment.

The Conscious Festival x i Light Singapore 2024 is not just an event but a movement towards global healing and conscious leadership. By combining art, technology, and sustainability, the festival aims to foster a community committed to preserving our planet. Join this transformative journey at Marina Bay and be part of the change for a better future.

For more details and to purchase tickets, visit The Conscious Festival website

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