Toast Box, Singapore’s beloved contemporary Nanyang coffee chain, has launched its latest concept store at Takashimaya Shopping Centre. This new outlet brings a nostalgic twist, inspired by the classic kopitiams of the 1950s to 1980s, offering a unique blend of traditional charm and modern flair.

A Step Back in Time

The new Toast Box store, adorned in a distinctive turquoise hue, departs from its usual all-white interiors. It features vintage memorabilia, classic photographs, and warm wooden furnishings, creating a whimsical and nostalgic ambiance. This setup aims to evoke fond memories for locals while providing travelers a glimpse into Singapore’s rich cultural heritage.

Exclusive Menu Highlights

The Takashimaya S.C. outlet not only serves Toast Box’s traditional favorites but also introduces exclusive dishes:

Bak Chor Ramen (S$8.80): A fusion of local Bak Chor Mee and Japanese ramen, featuring springy noodles, savory pork slices, prawns, and fish cake.

Char Siew Ramen (S$8.80): Tender char siew pork, a perfectly cooked egg, and fried shallots with an optional spicy chili padi.

Mentaiko Egg Sando (S$5.50): Creamy mentaiko spread and egg omelette between fluffy toast.

Waterfall Kopi/Teh (S$4.00): A rich Nanyang coffee or tea topped with frothy milk, prepared the traditional way.

Experience Sets

To complete the authentic kopitiam experience, the store offers exclusive Experience Sets:

Kopi Trio (S$5.50): A tasting set of traditional Kopi, Kopi C, and Kopi O.

Teh Trio (S$5.50): A sampling of Teh, Teh C, and Teh O.

Toast Experience Set (S$4.50): Featuring Nyonya Kaya, Hainanese Kaya, and Crunchy Peanut Butter.

Asian Delight Yuan Yang (S$12.00): Smaller portions of Laksa and Curry Chicken served with rice, toast, or roti prata.

Expansion Plans

Following the Takashimaya launch, Toast Box is set to open two new stores at Pasir Ris Mall and IOI in July 2024, enhancing its presence and accessibility across Singapore.

For more details, visit Toast Box.

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