Battle Of The Korean Fried Chicken

The Metropolitant team made our resident Fried Chicken lover take the ultimate Korean Fried Chicken blind taste test to find out if he can differentiate them and pick the best amongst them.

Chicken The NeNe Way

The Metropolitant team found out that NeNe Chicken is now in Singapore. Other than the very ‘interesting’ name, we are curious if NeNe Chicken can satisfy the fickle palates of Singaporeans. Founded in 1999, it has now 1003 stores and counting in South Korea alone. Singapore marks the first destination out of South Korea to have NeNe Chicken.

Fruit Drinks Are Ruining Your Diet Plans

Making sure you order fruit juices instead of the sugar laden aerated drinks. That might just be the biggest mistake. We drink most of our sugar intake and soda gets most of the blame. The fact is, fruit drinks are soda in disguise.

Korean Wave at Mandarin Orchard

19 October 2012, Singapore – Lovers of the notable Korean cuisine will look forward to a Korean invasion at Chatterbox, home of the Mandarin Chicken Rice. Feast on the Korean national dish, Samgyetang, at Chatterbox from 26 October to 1 November 2012.