Do You Want To Be A MMA Fighter?

Ever wonder why do people want to be a professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter? MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world, and people of all ages male and female are taking great interest in the sport. We speak to an aspiring MMA Fighter and see what its like for him to pursue this passion of his.

What Went Wrong At Lion Dash – Singapore’s Craziest Mud And Obstacle Race?

After the race, I’ve decided to run through what was so terribly wrong with the event itself.

Great Balls Of Gas!

31 October 2012, Japan – Some of Japan’s local gas companies decorates their giant spherical gas tanks to beautify the landscape of Japan. I wonder what would happen if we try to beautify the tracks of Singapore’s MRT?

Bored during lunch time? Need a game? Try Glitch

30 October 2012, Singapore – I get bored easily, and its hard for me to find a game that would visually appeal to the big kid in me. I stumbled upon Glitch, and was attracted to the fresh and original…

Bountiful Grains At Peach Blossoms

25 October 2012, Singapore – Peach Blossoms’ Chef Chan will present over 10 specialties using different rice varieties in the month of November. Expect the dishes to be in part set and à la carte menus for the fickle minded consumers

10 Halloween Facts You Might Not Know!

Hurrah, Halloween is round the corner. You will either be politically incorrect by wearing traditional costumes of other countries, then pretending to be zombies or don a wig and pretend you are a hot chick (in the event you are a hot chick, I’m sorry).