“Triple Witching” Style – kimrobinson

From Linda Evangelista’s 80’s sensual bob to the fashion IT model – Arizona Muse’s short and sexy soft curls and Kate Moss’ quintessential wispy strands, the trend signals the glorious…

The Panic Room Presents Pomades

3 June 2013, Singapore – Some people called them a rag-tag group of ‘barbers, thieves and liars’. They replicated their own Panic Room (like any respectable crew would) and broke…

Cause Pink Is My Favorite Crayon

Tired of being hounded by the persistent idea, I made a trip down to Salon Vim to dye my hair pink. If you ask around about pink hair, you will probably be recommended either Salon Vim or Essensuals Bugis. On a whim, I decided on Salon Vim.

Not Your Usual Barber

Where do you cut your hair? Whenever I want to get a faux hawk of a mohawk, I’m naturally inclined to visit my barber. Yes, a salon provides you with fancy hair products and nice head and shoulder massage. The problem is, I’m never satisfied with the shave.