Fukuroda Falls (袋田の滝 Fukuroda No Taki)

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Fukuroda Falls is located about 45 km north of Mito city and is in Daigo town. In Japanese, it is called 袋田の滝 Fukuroda-no-taki. Fukuroda fall is one of Japan’s three famous falls. The 3 famous waterfalls falls are Kegon Falls (華厳滝 Kegon-no-taki) and Nachi Falls (那智滝 Nachi-no-taki).




The Taki River has its source spring just above the falls. The river flows through the falls and ultimately joins a major Kuji river. They are famous for “four section falls” and famous that monk Saigyo, a famous Japanese poet in the Heian era, had praised Fukuroda falls for their beauty, saying you cannot understand its beauty without watching it directly.

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You can see the frozen falls under the severe weather in winter. In winter, an event, “Traveling the winter falls of Fukuroda, Okukuji” , is held. In this event, you can see the fantastic winter view by illuminating the falls and the suspension bridge.





To get there by car, go up the Joban Expressway to the Naka Interchange and exit back towards Tsukuba. Turn right at the first main road and then again right on Route 118 a couple of km up from there. Continue up 118 through Omiya for about 35 km. The falls are to the right just shortly before you get to Daigo Machi.

By train: Getting off at Fukuroda station of JR Suigo-line and about 10 min.

3-19, Fukuroda, Daigo-machi


8:00-18:00 (May to October)
9:00-17:00 (November to April)

Adult 300 JPY
Child 150 JPY

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