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After almost 3 months of consistent treatment from Yun Nam Hair Care, we have now arrived at the final installation of our blog post; so how much of an improvement had it been thus far?


For the benefit of those joining us for the first time, a recap on the background of Yun Nam Hair Care:-

Since its establishment in 1984, Yun Nam Hair Care firmly believes in using
premium ginsengs, exquisite Chinese herbs and advanced hair growth technology to improve hair health effectively. A well-known heritage brand for 31 years, Yun Nam continues to offer its efficacy in helping countless customers recover from hair and scalp problems.
For both men and women, treatment programmes at Yun Nam are customised to provide the assurance of looking good again and overcoming the insecurities of dandruff, itchy scalp, oily hair, hair loss, balding, thinning hair and premature greying or white hair issues.


Why did I choose Yun Nam Hair Care for my consultation and treatment, many will ask.
Having completed my SWOT Analysis across many brands, this is what I concluded.

• Professional One-on-One Consultation & close monitoring of treatment progress: One consultant is assigned to me and will accompany me throughout my hair treatment journey. This is so that she monitors my treatment progress and keep me on track, and note when I’ll be able to progress to next treatment program eg. from deep cleansing treatments to hair growth treatments (after scalp condition is clean and stabilised and will be able to absorb nutrients from hair growth treatments). Now that’s BESPOKE!
• Computerised Scalp Scan Analysis: My consultant actually conducts an in-depth scalp scan analysis between treatments to ensure that her recommended treatments are effectively improving my hair & scalp condition and according to treatment. This will also help her to determine when I’ll be able to progress to next treatment program.
• Home care products and lifestyle/hair care advice: My consultant will recommend hair care products that are most suited to my hair & scalp condition. This ensures maximum care in between my hair & scalp treatments. All Yun Nam Hair Care’s products are proprietary to Yun Nam Hair Care. My consultant will also share lifestyle tips and advice on how to better care for my hair & scalp.
• Premium Herbal Formula – Herbalogy™ Hair & Scalp Treatments: Yun Nam Hair Care’s proprietary formula has no side effects and is scientifically prepared in powder form for thorough absorption into your hair and scalp.


Regardless of my age group, this formula will definitely help to rejuvenate follicles and achieve all my hair treatment objectives.  To date, Yun Nam Hair Care’s trademark remedies have achieved a 98.7% success rate among customers.


After just 3 months of consistent treatment, according to my personalised Hair Consultant, Michelle, the density of my hair had increased, not to mention a more healthy scalp and blacker hair.

I’m sold!

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Editorial by Steffan “CrossFit” Fung

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