Thye Moh Chan Injects A Modern Twist To Its Handcrafted Teochew Mooncakes

Singapore’s celebrated local brand specialising in traditional Teochew baked pastries, Thye Moh Chan 泰茂栈, brings its handcrafted flaky mooncakes to the table this Mid-Autumn with familiar classics and novel combinations.

Synonymous with the brand’s signature tau sar piahs, each mooncake features smooth mung bean filling – painstakingly prepared after hours of soaking, steaming, grinding, filtering and temperature controlled cooking. Despite the surge in mooncake demand during the Mid-Autumn season, Thye Moh Chan continues to stay true to the brand’s traditional handcrafting technique to create itssignature six to seven layers of flaky-skinned Teochew pastry.

This Mid-Autumn, the brand presents a modern twist to its traditional mooncakes by incorporating honey, yuzu peel, melon seeds, condensed milk and milk powder to its signature sweet mung bean filling with new flavour Milky Yuzu 香奶柚子. The citrusy tang from the yuzu complements the creamy mouth-feel, creating a refreshing yet satisfying treat encased within the flaky pastry. Yuzu symbolises family reunions which invoke the spirit of togetherness during Mid-Autumn festival, hence making it the perfect addition to this festive treat.

Alongside this limited-edition flavour, Thye Moh Chan is set to please all generations with its time tested favourites and creative selection of flaky mooncakes. This includes last year’s crowd favourite, Mao Shan Wang Durian 猫山王榴梿, featuring durian-infused mung bean paste for lovers of the king of fruit.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL – 1 to 29 August 2019 – $3 off each box of 4-pc mooncakes (U.P.$33.80) with a minimum purchase of two boxes. Each box will also come with complimentary $4 discount return vouchers.

Other mooncakes for the season include:

  • Yam with Salted Egg Yolk**芋泥蛋黄 ($38.80 for four) – 3 days shelf life Quintessential filling of Teochew dessert orh ni and salted egg yolk.
  • Salty Tau Sar with Salted Egg Yolk 咸豆沙蛋黄 ($27.80 for one large mooncake, $33.80 for four) – 14 days shelf life All-time best-seller featuring salty mung bean filling with salted egg yolk.
  • Sweet Tau Sar with Melon Seeds 瓜子甜豆沙 ($27.80 for one large mooncake, $33.80 for four) – 14 days shelf life
    Smooth and sweet mung bean filling with crunchy melon seeds.
  • Yuan Yang with Salted Egg Yolk 鸳鸯蛋黄 ($35.80 for four) – 14 days shelf life Savoury mung bean is enhanced with spicy pork floss and salted egg yolk.
  • Teochew Double Delight 潮州双拼 ($33.80 for four) – 14 days shelf life
    Featuring the best of both worlds, this mooncake comprises of smooth red bean paste, and a ‘crystallised filling’ made of winter melon, melon seeds, citrus strips, white sesame seeds and glutinous rice flour for a chewier mouth-feel.
  • Teochew Mooncake 潮州月饼 ($18.80 for one large mooncake) – 14 days shelf life
    A large mooncake filled with a traditional Teochew recipe of maltose, white sesame seeds, citrus strips and five-spice powder for a unique taste of yesteryear.

These handcrafted mooncakes have a limited shelf-life as each batch is made to order using only premium ingredients. Every year, Thye Moh Chan’s loyal customers flock to their outlets especially in the last two weeks of Mid-Autumn Festival to get their freshly made mooncakes.

Promotions for Mid-Autumn
LIMITED TIME OFFER – Until 31 July 2019 
– $4 off each mooncake voucher (U.P. $33.80) with a minimum purchase of five mooncake vouchers. Each box of mooncake will also come with complimentary $4 discount return vouchers. 


Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Road, #01-45, S059413 Tel: 6604 8858
Operating hours: 10am – 10pm daily 

290 Orchard Road, #B1-12, S238859 Tel: +65 6732 8858
Operating hours: 10am – 10pm daily

Jewel Changi Airport (selected flavours available)
78 Airport Boulevard, #B2-231 S819666 Operating hours: 4am till 2am

Thye Moh Chan Mooncake Kiosk (operating period: 26 August– 12 September 2019)
BreadTalk IHQ, 30 Tai Seng Street Level 1 S534013
Operating hours: Mon – Fri: 10am – 6.30pm, Sat – Sun: 11am – 4pm

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