Razer announces the ultra-low friction Acari mouse mat, designed for the smoothest mouse gliding and maximum speed within a generous 420x320mm surface area – allowing for ultra-fast reaction times and pixel-perfect accuracy. 

Only the slickest survive. The Razer Acari is an ultra-low friction hard surface that satisfies the need for speed, with a large surface area for complete freedom of movement and accurate mouse tracking.

Using a unique, hard-wearing Ultraviolet activated nano-bead surface, the Acari guarantees precise pixel tracking with world-class static and dynamic friction coefficients.

To deliver accurate, smooth mouse tracking and ensure consistent, drag-free swipes, the Razer Acari uses an oleophobic surface on top of the nano-bead layer to reduce the build-up of binding agents such as natural skin oils and dust. This is bonded to a polycarbonate core, with a textured rubber backing, to create a slick, smooth gliding surface with a secure non-slip base, just 1.95mm thick.

For more information on the new Razer Acari, please visit https://www.razer.com/gaming-mouse-mats/razer-acari

Available from August 6th, 2020 onwards, at Razer.com and authorized resellers. The Razer Acari retails at SGD89.90

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